Is Bariatric Surgery Really Effective In Combating Obesity?

by CUSP Surgeons Practicing Excellence & Building Trust

Making the right choice in life and at the right time is very necessary. Things can go out of hand if you take a wrong decision. Same is the case with obesity. You need to decide when you need to go for the surgery. Obesity is one of the biggest and common problems affecting the lives of many. Treating it is really tough especially when things do not work. Getting in touch with a specialist can really prove helpful in ensuring the kind of surgery which will be best for you, does the surgery will have a positive impact on you and lots more. As professionals, they are able to guide you in the right manner and show you the correct path.


If you wish to overcome obesity, bariatric surgery is one solution for it. This is the surgery where the size of your stomach is reduced so that it can take less amount of food. Thus less food means less absorption of the nutrients and the calories. Now you might be thinking as what is done in this surgery that you feel less hungry and eat less. So here is more about this surgery.


Bariatric surgery

As already discussed above, the surgery limits the size of the stomach. This prevents the intake of more food. As the size gets reduced, your stomach can now hold only a small quantity and absorb the same. In this way you start losing weight. Another thing that is done is removing the hormones called Ghrelin which causes hunger in our body. So you no more feel very hungry and still feel as if you are full. In a couple of months you will see that the body has shed a lot of weight and you easily come under a normal lifestyle.


The results of the surgery are really nice. After the surgery is complete, you will experience some difficulty in getting used to the changed diet but slowly you will get used to it. With time you will start adopting a new lifestyle and find that it makes sense to alter your lifestyle. You feel more confident and it reflects on your face.


In the present any bariatric surgery is done through laparoscopy which means less pain, easy recovery and a lot of benefits. More and more people now prefer to go with this kind of surgery as there are lesser risks involved in it and the changes are definitely visible. The bariatric surgery works well but you need to have a specialist for the same. CUSP Surgeons is surely the right centre to get this surgery done as you have top experts including Dr Vikrant Sharma, Dr Saleem Naik and Dr Nikhil Gupta who can assist you. They specialise in weight loss surgery and can help you in choosing a good option that is effective and result-oriented.


So if you have suggested surgery as the only option to combat obesity, then connect with the team of CUSP Surgeons where you have the finest and the qualified best bariatric surgeon to handle your case.

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