In-Vito Fertility Treatment Cost in India?

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

IVF or In-Vito Fertilization is a process of getting pregnant without actually having sex.

Baby is made outside the female body by taking the egg from ovaries and fertilizes with sperm in an environment such that the eggs develops into embryos. This whole Process is carried out so sensitively. From name of process you will be thinking about its cost, ya! It's a bit expensive procedure but in this article I am sharing low cost treatments and recommending Doctor also for further detailing.


Now Questions comes why it is used?

Many women and men suffer from problems like blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, decreased sperm count.  Some women suffer from ovulation disorder, ovulation failures. Some Women who have had their fallopian tubes removed and Individuals with a genetic disorder.


Some common IVF medications

There are some sorts of medicines or fertility drugs that can be taken to increase the number of hormones called gonadotropins. There are several fertility drugs out there to be used, these drugs contains recombinant DNA technology and include Gonal F and Follistim.


Birth control pills: The pill helps regulate menstrual cycles and prepare the reproductive system for IVF.

Prenatal vitamins: We recommend taking a vitamin with at least 400mg of folic acid when a woman begins the process to actively conceive. Please avoid herbal supplements.

Lupron: This medication enables the body to produce a higher number of quality eggs.

Antagon (Ganirelx): Ganirelx helps prevent premature ovulation.

Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH):  These injections increase the growth of follicles in the ovaries. We often prescribe the following types of FSH: Gonal-F, Follistim or Menopur.

Doxycline: An oral antibiotic used to treat infections, such as reducing bacteria in sperm. It also reduces the risk of infection following aspiration of the follicles at the time of egg retrieval.

Novarel: A synthetic human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injection used to trigger ovulation. Novarel is often used when other medications have been taken to induce ovulation.

Prednisone: Used to treat patients with antisperm antibodies and repeated pregnancy loss.

Progesterone: A steroid that synchronizes preparation of the uterine lining with the treatment cycle to ensure the uterus is ready for embryo implantation.

Estrace (estrogen): Estrace is used to supply estrogen and comes in tablet form used orally or vaginally.

Valium: A muscle relaxing, anti-anxiety medication offered prior to embryo transfer.

Microdose Lupron: A medication initially used to stimulate the ovaries before suppressing them, which also prevents ovulation.



The fees for 1 cycle of IVF include medicines, procedures, anesthesia, ultrasounds, blood tests, lab work, and embryo storage. The exact cost of a single IVF cycle varies, but it can be up to 10 lakh or more in USA and European Countries.

  • But in India the cost of IVF is so affordable that it starts from 250000INR – 500000INR.
  • Rates for Basic IVF Treatment: Rs. 250,000 - Rs. 450,000
  • Rates for Advanced ICSI Treatment: Basic IVF cost + Rs. 150,000
  • Rates for Advanced FET Treatment: Basic IVF cost + Rs. 120,000


Some people who might be looking for more information and actual cost of infertility. If you are trying to get pregnant and looking for resources to support your efforts, I recommended you to talk to Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour personally and discuss your problems.


So in last, when facing problems related to infertility, choose correct solution which does not have negative effect on your health. Therefore, the first thing any individual should do is to stop worrying about infertility. Only a free mind can think about the possible solution and its outcome.

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