Intraday Forex Strategy: How to Choose the Best One?

by Ch. R. Investment Analyst
There are those who think there are no better alternatives for trading, but there are also those who think it is sheer madness.

There are those who have won indescribable sums. But there are also those who have lost everything in just a day! We are obviously talking about scalping the forex markets.

Surely one of the most fascinating trading methodologies that has ever been invented.

It delights many traders who have found this technique. It is sometimes a very refined and gentle tool to capture profits, other times a ruthless destroyer of capital that had been so carefully accumulated

Beyond the fate of those who have chosen to adopt this technique, we will talk about forex scalping here.

In fact, we want to take the onus of presenting it to you from all perspectives; on this page you can know practically everything related to scalping.

If you are intending to try your hand at trading with this technique, stay strong as you will be catapulted into the realm of the Scalpers with this guide!

In addition to highlighting everything that characterizes the forex scalping trading methodology, you can have an introduction to the different trading strategies. You can use these forex strategies to make profits using scalping.

Everything will be detailed in a simple and easily understandable way even for a beginner. This includes even the most detailed and technical details.

You absolutely cannot miss our guide to Forex scalping, you might be missing out on an exciting technique that has the power to make you money like you never imagined before.

Scalping: introduction and origin of the technique

If the Scythians, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Samoyeds already used to remove the scalp from the corpses of their enemies as a gesture of very high symbolic value.

It is the American Indians who have passed down in history as the "most famous scalpers of all time!"

In fact, we're sure you've heard of this practice before, if not in history books, certainly in a movie about the far west and the conquest of the Americas by western colonizers.

The ancient populations adopted this practice because of their beliefs. They believed that the possession of the scalp (from the English scalp: “scalp”) of the enemy killed in action had not only the function of demonstrating the value of the warrior who overpowered the enemy.

But also, a means to take possession of the qualities of the victim, who without his horsehair could no longer harm, even the hereafter.

The scalp was considered a war trophy and its removal was justified by a real magical ritual full of symbolic meanings.

The American Indians since the beginning of our era, were the first to boast of the title of Scalpers in the context of trading.

They certainly had no intention of recalling the bloody nature of the act of “scalping”, but simply meant indicating their trading style, or scalp means, still means, to take a quick little profit from the market (with a scalp).

Scalping meaning of trading technique

Scalping can be considered for all intents and purposes the latest discovery in “extreme” trading.

After all, it is a fairly simple method, but at the same time extremely speculative in the financial markets. Forex scalping is characterized by great speed.

In the end, scalping means doing very fast trades with a strictly controlled and generally very low risk margin.

As you already know, in general, trading includes the possibility of doing different types of analysis on the financial markets. Forex backtesting is important before you get into using scalping as a trading strategy.

Scalping is a method that can be considered transversal to all analyzes as it may require all of them.

But also none in particular. Very often, scalpers also mock traditional technical analysis.

They do not make operational forecasts. But above all they do not in any way keep an overnight position open, in reality for a scalper even a position kept open intraday. is almost madness.

The scalping style includes several substantial advantages for anyone who wishes to adopt it for their investments.

A forex scalper is not interested in the underlying trend of the market, he does not care about the stage of the market.

Whether it is bullish or bearish, let alone whether the trend is bullish or bearish. Scalping is pure speculation. All that interests a scalper is to position himself in the clearing with his head down, ready to attack his prey with maximum vehemence.

These are all these clear opportunities to place executed orders when entering the market. A scalper walks in like lightning and then disappear just as quickly… with a profit, hopefully!

Many traders who operate in a more traditional way envy the scalper. This is because in fact it would seem that only a magician, a diviner, is able to predict how accurately the direction of the market will be in the next few seconds and act accordingly.

Scalpers are always (or almost) in the right way, with extreme precision and consistency, but the reality is very different. There is nothing magic about scalping, let alone luck, what matters as always is practice and training.

Forex Scalping - In conclusion

In truth, there is a lot of rivalry between pure scalpers and technical analysts.

As we have said many times, the scalper seems to be able to dispense with classical forms of technical analysis.

On the other hand, for its counterparts it is impossible, even if it is only to stick to intraday trading.

If the main tool of scalping is the "book" (list of buyers and sellers), a technical analyst can use it with the graphical indicators that he usually uses, while the scalper can choose, as often happens, to rely solely on the book to make your own investments.

While the main advantage of scalpers for them remains the fact that they can enter and exit the market with almost negligible risk.

Technical analysts pride themselves on leaving only the crumbs, in terms of profit, to the scalpers. But beyond the gossip, we can simply conclude that there are different "ways of negotiating" each of which has its own effectiveness.

Each trader just has to determine what is the most enjoyable approach to bring home the outcome that everyone aspires to (scalpers, intraday traders and long-term traders): the largest and most consistent profit. in time.

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