Internet Technologies and their importance in Making an E-Business Successful

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Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is a basic network running system and it is a subset of e-commerce through which exchange of data can be possible. EDI transmission consists of sending and receiving of the EDI files through the internet by which more than one documents can be sent or received. There are different ways by which EDI Transmission can be described File Transfer Protocol or FTP

It is a famous way which is conducted for the sending or receiving of files among the trading partners. With the help of this internet protocol, they have to just create their personal FTP server and then have to upload the EDI files. Depending on the polling intervals, those files get processed. This is an operation through which EDI that is packaged properly along with XML or Extensible Markup Language can be sent

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP

It is the most commonly available communication server among all the servers. Like FTP server, HTTP server is also inexpensive. However, the key factor here is that this protocol can send or receive the files directly from the destination application. Therefore, the instant running of the process by the destination application is possible once the file is received.

Role of URLs

Web addresses refer to the official websites of different companies by which customers can directly access to the company products and services virtually and then they can order those according to their suitability. URLs are technically known as Universal Resource Locators and these are standard techniques of addressing which is similar to that of ZTP codes through which consumers can find the name of the website in a straightforward manner.

Explain the main features of HTML

Content is the website means the data as well as graphics along with the interactive components that take part in the framework of the website. There are diverse standards present for the text, multimedia as well as graphics and content is the thing that determines the choice of a consumer which can affect the World Wide Web. It determines whether the customer will visit the website of A2Z Cosmetics in future or not.

Internet Technologies and their importance in Making an E-Business Successful


In the word Processor, web-page text contains many formatting options. It also includes the fonts in the website along with the emphasis which are- bold, italic etc. as well as placing of the tables and information within them. Web browsers actually apply the formats in line with the given instructions in the files for the construction of the web page and therefore, formatting can be carried out. All these things are written in Hypertext Markup Language known as HTML. It is considered as the international standard set by World Wide Web Consortium for the intention of same appearance in all types of web browsers. CMS or Content Management Systems are utilized for the protection of business content editors.


Document Type <HTML></HTML>
Header <HEAD></HEAD>
Body <BODY></BODY>

HTML document begins and ends with HTML tag i.e. <HTML></HTML>
Here <HTML> indicates the browser that it is a HTML document and </HTML> tells the browser that HTML document is completed.

Header Tag i.e. <HEAD></HEAD>
Header Tag does not contain any text, it only contains the Title Tag in it.

Title tag i.e. <TITLE></TITLE>
anything written between this tag is not displayed on the screen but it is used to identify the Webpage.

Body tag i.e.<BODY></BODY>
This is the main part of HTML document. The content which is to be displayed on screen as webpage should be written here. Body Tag contains the text as well as various tags but only the text will be displayed on Webpage.

A simple example



<title>     My First WEB PAGE </title>


HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language





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