International Credit Card Processing for Creating a Massive Global Impact of your Brand

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96% of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase at some point, and four out of every five US adults online have made an e-commerce purchase in the last month.

Ecommerce is defined as the purchase and sale of goods or services solely through digital channels. There are three types of e-commerce; the most common is online shopping, also known as business to consumer in the business world (B2C).

Customers can order a variety of products and manage their online eCommerce payments here. Another type of business-to-business (B2B) exchange occurs when companies such as manufacturers, retailers, or wholesalers exchange goods and/or solutions.

Following that, e-commerce involves transactions from consumer to consumer (C2C) via online platforms such as eBay, Etsy, or other comparable websites.

Not all e-commerce credit card processing solutions and merchant account providers are created equal – while there are numerous e-commerce credit card processing providers in the industry, some online credit card processing solutions are simply superior to others.

When looking for online credit card processing solutions and merchant account services, it is critical to select a company whose experience and reputation align with your specific business needs and best fit the requirements in your industry.

Amald is the leading provider of International Credit Card Payment Processing for high-risk businesses. Allow our industry experts to create your high-risk eCommerce accounts. Amald can assist you in determining which solution is best for your online business, whether you require a merchant services business opportunity account or a high-risk payment and merchant gateway.

Growth in Credit Card Processing

It’s easy to take for granted having on-demand access to a variety of financial services. Most people in developed countries can open new bank accounts, credit cards, and financing options with little to no hassle. If someone has a brilliant idea, they can quickly open a merchant account and begin selling their new widget. Tough competition in merchant processing means better customer service and lower rates.

It would be ideal if this were true for everyone, but easy access to banking is less common than you might believe.

E-commerce is now as popular as in-store shopping, with 51 per cent of Americans saying they prefer to shop online. Year after year, e-commerce takes a larger slice of the sales pie. As a result, if your company is one of the millions that uses an e-commerce platform, you must have a high-risk e-commerce credit card processor and an eCommerce merchant account. This online retailer should not take a large percentage of your debit and credit card sales. Importantly, before you begin your business, ensure that you have the right e-commerce payment processing solutions in place. International Credit Card Processing is required for your online payment processing solutions.

How International Online Credit Card Processing Works?

When a customer purchases from an e-commerce site, the credit card payment process begins. During the checkout process, the customer’s payment information is collected and securely encrypted in the high-risk payment gateway. The payment gateway acts as a go-between for the merchant and the paying customers. The payment processor can verify the payment data once it has been received by the gateway. This step ensures that the buyer is who they claim to be. After the cardholder’s identity has been verified, the payment processor sends the payment data to the credit card company and bank.

The Card Company or bank is in charge of authorizing the transaction. Card companies and banks ensure that the purchase is consistent with the cardholder’s usual habits. A transaction is usually accepted if it checks all of the criteria. The payment processor informs the payment gateway that the transaction has been approved at this point. After being released from the bank, the funds are transferred to the seller’s high-risk merchant account. The merchant gateway confirms that the transaction is complete and dispatches the purchased items.

If the card company and bank detect fraud during the approval process, the transaction may be declined. In some cases, card companies and banks will place a hold on the cardholder’s account until the cardholder confirms that the purchase is valid. When this occurs, the processor notifies the high-risk payment gateway that there has been a denial. Because online payment processing is a card-not-present transaction, hackers can easily place fraudulent online orders. All parties are better protected from fraud thanks to the built-in security features of credit card processors.

What are the advantages of using a High-Risk Credit Card Payment Processor?

Due to their industry specialization, high-risk payment processors better protect merchants. High-risk merchants can stay in compliance with industry guidelines by using security features such as age verification and licensing checks. The ability of the credit card processor to determine the authenticity of a buyer early on protects the merchant’s inventory and cash flow from fraud. Furthermore, the data of the customers is securely encrypted.

With the right credit card processing, merchants can easily run high-risk merchant gateway integration. The payment gateway allows merchants to manage orders and track transaction status from a single location. They can also be set up to manage inventory. The inventory tracker reflects the difference as orders are placed and fulfilled. Recurring billing is simple to implement, and customer payment information is securely encrypted on the high-risk payment gateway. The gateway also allows businesses to manage their recurring billing and shipping schedules. The gateway can also maintain or quickly cancel subscriptions.

Amald offers the most competitive rates because it is committed to providing International Credit Card Processing with the best high-risk solutions. We have dozens of trusted card and bank relationships that are willing to take on the liability of your high-risk eCommerce accounts.

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