Installing Outdoor Ofuro Tubs for Traditional Bathing Experiences

by Northern Lights Cedar Tub Manufacturer of Hot Tubs in Canada

Japanese ofuro tubs need a deep chin down soak which means the tub is deeper than the ordinary bath tubs. Traditionally, Japanese soak in hot water heated by quiet non-electrical wood fired heaters. They have thick cedar construction which means the tub will be able to maintain heat much longer than others.

Northern Lights Ofuro tubs are manufactured from clear western red cedar, which is considered as a close cousin to the traditional cypress wood used in Japan. But red cedar offers amazing benefits as it is naturally resilient to bacteria and decay. It’s chosen for its high insulating value.

In addition to, cedar gives pleasurable aromatherapy which heightens the overall hot tubing experience. The tubs utilize an architectural stainless steel strap system that allows the tub to expand and contract naturally without getting stressed about wood splitting.

However, the Japanese soaking tub is much more than just getting yourself clean. When you soak and submerge yourself in the hot tub, you will feel utmost level of relaxation and contemplation. Generally, soaps and shampoos are not used as mineral salts and light fragrant oils are often used.

How do you heat up your outdoor ofuro hot tub?

There are so many ways you can heat up your outdoor ofuro tubs:

The Northern Lights electric heaters come with a 1.4/5.5 KW Balboa digital spa pack and a 1/8 HP circulating pump and filter. This heating system allows you to control the temperature effortlessly with the only touch of a button.

The filter ensures that your hot tub has clean water without the need of draining frequently. The kilowatts produced depend only on the service voltage and 1.4kW is produced with 120v service. You will get a high end spa pack with advanced programming options and wireless remote control facilities using an iPhone that produces 4kW heat.

If you have lots of free wood, you can use Northern Lights wood fired heater for heating. The Japanese soaking tubs can be heated in around one to two hours with only the cost of wood. You won’t need electricity for heating. Though there’s no filtration water, water doesn’t need to be changed often.

Again, if you have access to free wood and grid power, consider using a wood fired hot tub heater with an augmentation of a pump and filter system to keep the water clear. You can add an electric heater to the filter; so once the water is heated with the wood heater, you can keep the water at the preferred temperature without using fire consistently.

If there’s no availability of grid power and don’t want to heat with wood, consider buying a propane gas powered heater that comes with a solar PV powered circulation pump. However, a propane water heater needs a circulation pump for its operation.

Therefore, Northern Lights supplies highly efficient pump, powered off a small inverter that obtains power from 24 VDC batteries being charged by an 80W PV solar panel. Moreover, a cold tub gets heated within less than an hour with this heater.

Bottom Line –

After looking at the all these facts about Japanese soaking tubs, it’s highly suggested that you should buy Northern Lights Ofuro outdoor tubs for an enhancing hot tubing experience.

Author Information –

This article is written by Cedar Tubs, which specializes in providing industry-standard indoor and outdoor DIY sauna kits including Ofuro hot tubs ensuring traditional bathing experiences.

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