Inhale the Bright Days and Exhale the Tough Days

by Jimmy O. Blogger

The pessimistic approach has shadowed the life of millions of people with prolonged procrastination and demotivation. The negative energy keeps prevailing and encouraging the mind to strive towards the overthinking process. The process not only weakens the mindfulness exercises of the individuals but gives the individual also a chance to opt for negative energy permanency. The doctors have noticed the exceeding number of patients relating to mental pressure and habitual stress. These mental stress habits get really tough to strangle oneself away from it and even sometimes the best mindfulness exercises don’t work according to the plan. It is believed that stress is only relieved on a short term basis when it gets specified by the doctor's treatment.

If you want to get rid of it permanently then you need to prepare and practice mindfulness exercises that can deal with your stress and full off the negative energy. A lot of people start sharing their stress with their loved ones and that does definitely bring your mind to a proper state but the negative energy originally has transferred somehow to your friends and family, whomever you’ve shared your problems with. Observe how they react after talking to you. All of a sudden there would be a wave of dullness that surrounds them and they will find ways to strengthen that negative vibe even though everything stands perfect.

This is why people should start listening to themselves and try to love themselves through mindfulness exercises that will give then a sigh of relief. It’s only them who can get their mental state back to normal, no one else can decide the duration of anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks.

Anxiety lockup keys are in your hand- Use it wise or you’ll lose it twice


Our emotions are basically the triggering goals that ignite the negative energy. When you have lost control over it, you find ways to indulge in various activities that can change the perception you had in the previous times, exactly like mindfulness exercises. Shine and eradicate your fears by understanding the foresight. Give yourself clues that it’s undesirable for yourself to be harmed by such evil energy that brings in nothing but a dark cloud of sadness. Try to listen to motivational speakers and realize the mistakes you’re indulging yourself in by mindfulness exercises.

There are people out there who're less privileged than you are, observe their circumstances, and be grateful for what you have. This will not only give you a deeper insight into life but hold your emotions as guilty to overpower your reality checks. People need to realize that depression is real and so is anxiety but the way they can be dealt with is not by medicines, drugs, or addicted doctorial appointments, instead work on yourself and senses with stress relief activities, give yourself some time to absorb the realities of life and not grieve upon it.

Whenever you start feeling low keep yourself busy in activities like painting, singing, writing, and even sporting because this will make your mind tired and you’ll feel amazed by the work you’ve done in the end.

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