Indiana Rental Agreement: the Legal Terms, Disclaimers and Penalties

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Like the one found in Indiana, Rental agreements are essential legal documents that can affect your rights and responsibilities as a renter. The agreement outlines what allowed to do, how long it is for and any other rules such as if pets are permitted or not. It may also contain penalties if these terms not followed or disclaimers of liability should things go wrong - so make sure you know what you're signing before committing!

Basic Terms of Agreement

1) The tenant will pay rent on time.

2) The tenant agrees to keep the property in good condition (no damage, trash, etc.)

3) The landlord has the authority to inspect at any reasonable time.

4) The landlord may charge for late payments and fees. The tenant must also be aware of what happens if they don't follow these terms:

     When renting an apartment, there are agreements that both parties need to abide by or else the risk of being evicted from the premises will occur. Some explanations and tips below can help you avoid this issue while understanding your rights as well. All tenants should know that it is their responsibility to pay their monthly bills, but without notice, eviction could happen anytime due to breaching contract rules. For example, if a tenant has pets and the landlord states that this is not allowed. The initial thing to do is review your lease agreement for any rules for both of you to follow before signing it.

     Leaving an apartment without following these terms can result in eviction from the property. It means that as soon as they are notified by mail or phone, there will be consequences that could include being sued and charged with court fines and even jail time, according to how severe the offence was. For those who live abroad or cannot find housing locally, many landlords prefer long term tenants such as families because they know their monthly rent payments will always come whether the due date is late or not. So make sure all agreements have set up correctly before moving into a new place.


     If the property fully furnished, then the tenant is liable to return it in the same condition as when they moved in.

     All damages will get charged back to the account of the person who caused them. It includes but isn't limited to broken windows, and holes punched into walls, any stains or damage that pets may have done.

     Lease does not allow for more than two people living on premises unless agreed upon by the landlord and tenant beforehand (i.e., roommates). The landlord reserves the right to enter at their discretion if there are indications of a third party residing on-premise with consent from both parties. If this occurs without agreement between all tenants, legal action can occur against offending individuals (s).

     Tenant will be liable for all damages caused by their pets.

     The landlord is not responsible for any theft or violence as long as the tenant has locked up at night and does not have a key floating around in public.


There are many penalties for breaking lease agreements in Indiana, including fines, late fees, and even eviction charges. It is essential to know the terms before signing a rental agreement with any landlord, so you don't end up owing them money or, worse, get kicked out of your home! If you violate any of these legal terms, there will be consequences. For example, breaking the lease agreement within its first year would result in an eviction penalty fee of $250 per month plus any damages the landlord may incur and can charge you as well. Other violations of this type might require paying one more month's rent until six months have passed from when your original lease term ended (unless agreed upon with your landlord) or giving notice by certified mail 30-days in advance of your decision to break the lease.

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