Increase your brand recognition with Custom Printed Product Labels.

by Ken Wilson Commercial printing
Effectively meet customers’ expectations and make them feel exclusive by presenting a favorable image of the brand through artistically crafted labels.

What is the significance of labels?
Everything comes with a tag nowadays. People are well-versed with their surroundings and are up-to-date about their favorite products and innovations in the market. Hence, they demand products that precisely meet their requirements. Custom printed product labels are a modern necessity that manufacturers must consider for presenting the brand and products in a manner that is relatable to customers. These labels provide a gamut of advantages:

1.It informs customers about the product. Labels contain intrinsic information about the items. A range of details can be included like the ingredients used, the country of origin to expiry dates, and nutritional value. This helps to curb health risks and helps to avoid allergic reactions to certain food items.

2.Vital instructions. Certain products like cosmetics, medicine, and cleaning products require instructions to be prominently placed on the packaging so customers can aptly utilize them for the intended usage.

3.Promotes the brand by making customers notice it easily in the crowded outlets. Alluring labels captivate attention and make customers choose the brand among rivals. Pleasing and educational labels divert focus towards them, making customers pick them instantly from store shelves. They are widely being used for cross-branding too.

4.It provides a platform for effective communications. Advertising costs are high that only allows certain basic product info to be conveyed in a short time. These labels can be printed with personalized messages that talk to the customer directly and engage them better with the brand.

5.Labels can be tailor-made for any product packaging. Sellers can precisely design them to cover generic packaging or on-top of packaging boxes for added effects.

6.They prove to be a pocket-friendly promotional option that can be placed on ordinary packaging boxes to make them look offbeat and exceptional.

These labels are of two main types: Prime labels and secondary labels. The prime labels are ones that customers see first. They are placed on the front of the packaging and exude a vibrant appeal to the brand. Secondary labels are usually supplemental and are generally found on the back of the packaging. They contain vital product details. A study shows that about 85% of customers say that they buy a product after reading the labels while shopping and establish whether the product suits their needs or not. So, it is a good idea to take time in deciding what kind of label should be opted for to make the customers end up purchasing from your brand.

The changing face of labels

Labels can be created from paper, plastic film, cloth, or metal. They are embedded in the history of retailing. Pharmaceutical was the first industry to utilize labels to inform people of the uses and side effects of the medicines and also when & how to use them. Labels were originally in the form of painted markings on crates, printed logos on flour sacks, and tags tied to packages. They were printed on handmade paper and glued to the product. Colors started gaining popularity as manufacturers understood their importance in making the products desirable for customers. It was in the year 1935 that self-adhesive labels were introduced in the USA and laid the foundation of a billion-dollar industry. By the 1960s massive scale application of these labels started in full swing. They could be pasted on almost any kind of surface including wood, glass, plastic, cartons, and metals. Small-scale retailers could print their labels by the 1990s as domestic printers became affordable, gaining rapid popularity.

Today, labels contain intelligent information in the form of barcodes to hold a large volume of data. They now play an important role in logistics and storage too. One cannot imagine the large cluster of boxes waiting to be shipped to different parts of the world, without informatics labels that hold crucial details about the customers’ name, address, payment info, sellers’ details, and much more. Smart labels and tags feature thin computer chips that also prevent theft.

Labels for every retailer.

Take a look in your medicine cabinet, refrigerator, or cupboard, how many labels do you find there? We probably don’t even think about just how many labels we see on a day-to-day basis. Product labels have been a force in American marketing for nearly 200 years, and they continue to be an essential way to market products today. A far cry from the printed paper labels that originally hit the market, today’s professionally made labels offer a wider selection than ever before. Labels can be made from sticker paper, solid white vinyl, clear vinyl, or clear PVC. You can conveniently get custom printed product labels on rolls, kiss-cut sheets, custom die-cut shapes, and multiple tailor-made designs. These labels can be aptly styled using optional transparent background, extended backer, printing on the backer, and foil stamping. A range of coatings and lamination's can preserve the labels for longer by making them water and tamper-resistant while enhancing their overall appeal.

Product labels are still growing and changing, and their future looks bright. Customers need a convincing factor to make them add your items to their shopping lists regularly and labels provide just that. They provide info on vital product aspects and influence customers’ purchase decisions. Their strong marketing potential must be explored and utilized constructively to gain an edge over the competition. We provide these labels at affordable prices so they slide into your budgets with the utmost ease. Some of the exclusive services we provide comprise of:

  • An Experienced Design Team
  • Pantone Color Matching
  • Free Templates
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  •  Free Shipping


Reliable and low-cost services make these labels an excellent marketing investment that popularizes your brand while protecting the packaging from getting damaged due to wet climate and rough handling. We are here to serve you 24/7. So, order your sets today and experience extraordinary hikes in sales and profitability!

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