Improve Your Trailer Safety with On-lift and On-load Gears to Eliminate Driver Injuries

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Globally, in the truck industry, high investment, valuable time, and enormous money are spent on promoting safety, the best-case scenario is to buy or invest in some new safety measures to eliminate driver injuries. Statistical study shows the injuries that occurred due to physically operating the landing gear is 2.5% per year.

The sputtering landing gear on trailers is a usual job for drivers, but it can cause brutal pain as well as injuries if it is not done appropriately. It is seen that drivers that physically lift up and put down trailer landing gears have amplified probably for back and shoulder strain, and other muscular-skeletal injuries because the operation requires them to frequently bend and exert considerable force.

Doing the entire process manually was really a gruelling endeavour, mostly for the truck drivers who were above fifty years of age. Definitely, the modernized technological-based On-lift 2000 plays a vital role to eradicate accidents or violations that all fleets are sceptical about and eliminate driver injuries. The wide-ranging approach for trucks or any other vehicles, who have suffered significant events or injuries, even if perilous driver behaviour is involved, is to not put back into working order what is out of order.

Benefits of Use of On-Lift Landing Gear Automation 2000 and 2000HD

·         The company has worked great for reducing the workload anytime by offering air-powered landing gear automation On-lift 2000 and 2000HD. It is easy to set up, uphold and retrofits to almost diverse types of landing gear in the trucking industry.

·         When auditing the return on investment for security solutions to eliminate driver injuries, it should be expected that one would need to project the savings— making investments and also trailer safety improvement always.

·         Patriot Lift CO LLC offers On-lift Landing Gear Automation 2000 & 2000HDwhich is highly capable landing gear automation used to lift 60,000 lb trailer.

·         The mechanical gear reduces the risk of getting dented and saves space to park the trailers. The Patriot Lift Company offers air-powered automatic landing gears for trailers (pneumatic) that raises and lowers the landing gear of a fully-loaded trailer in less than 20 seconds with a force of a fingertip.

·         Frankly, the air supply comes from the existing emergency air brake line, and there is virtually no upkeep is needed which is the added advantage.

·         Now, the question that arises is - what would be the safest way to trim down injuries and strains, as well as security and plummeting workers' compensation? The answer is straightforward! The best way to eliminate driver injuries and decrease workers' compensation costs is by using air-powered landing gear automation.

·         To add to this, they can lift 70,000 lbs in mere 10-20 seconds. The workers need no official training to detain the functionalities. Hence, such automation is efficiently accelerating the process to take on new truckers; even the process has been made easy for the female drivers to join the trucking profession with a touch of their fingers.

How can using this helps to eliminate driver injury?

In the current times, with the progression in tidy trailer automation to eliminate driver injuries, the overall trailer safety improvement has been significantly improved, ushering paramount satisfaction in truck driving ventures. In such pioneering and futuristic systems of On-Lift landing and On-Load stabilizer, the overall safeties of the trailer drivers are well-maintained, while trimming down the need for manual load-bearing functions. Hence, to keep up with both the trailer and driver safety protocols, it is reasonable for the transportation companies to get their trailers upgraded with this automation only from trustworthy companies like Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems.

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