Improve Your Running Performance & Race Time With This Strength Training Guide


Do you want to improve your running times? Do injuries prevent you from running at your full capacity? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this guide is for you!

A new strength training guide has been released from online fitness expert Fitness Fahrenheit. The guide targets distance and marathon runners and outlines the importance of strength training in helping these athletes achieve their goals.

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The newly released guide to strength training for distance and marathon runners includes the best techniques, workout plans, and nutrition for this type of runner. It also dispels all pre-conceived notions about strength training not being for runners and gives evidence as to the benefits that strength training provides to these athletes.

The first thing the guide addresses is the myth that strength training is not for runners. It does this by highlighting how strength training can increase your endurance, strengthen your bones, improve your running form, help you lose weight, and prevent injury. It further goes on to explain how strength training workouts can help the distance and marathon runners run faster to improve their overall performances.

Strength training is done by the most successful runners in the world. The guide addresses this in the opening paragraph to show how strength training is needed for runners. It then goes on to explain that studies show 85% of runners experience injury annually and how strength training can reduce that. 

Due to the repetitive motion being done in training, it is likely that muscles will tear over time due to the strain. Strength training allows for stronger muscles to be built thus reducing the likelihood of injury. The guide explains that doing strength training 2-3 times per week will not cause runners to bulk up, in fact, bodybuilders have supplements incorporated into a crazy workout schedule to enable them to bulk up and this takes years of commitment. Going to the gym only will not induce that.

One of the most important aspects of strength training is nutrition. The guide explains that maximizing nutrition will give the best results because the muscles that you workout need protein to repair and recover. When muscles repair, they get stronger but if the right diet is not incorporated with strength training the muscles will not repair fast enough.

This can result in stunted progress and could render all efforts useless. As such, it is important to stay hydrated and consume healthy sources of protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to aid the muscles in repair and thus give the best results.

The guide advises that runners create a workout log to track what they do during the week. As much as it is important to work out the muscle groups, it is equally as important for at least 24 hours of rest to be given before working out those muscles again. This is done so that the muscles can repair and get stronger. Having a log prevents working out a particular muscle group two days in a row.

Strength training enhances your ability to run faster and longer. It has the goal of every distance and marathon runner in mind. This guide is complete and has all the ingredients to take runners to the next level in their athletic journey.

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