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The key to productive and high-performing housing organizations starts at the top level. That means having good managers who know the innerworkings of the business and what actions can streamline the process. However, hiring employees and immediately sending them to the frontlines and perform said responsibilities on your HUD property can be a liability. Unfortunately, most organizations don't find value to providing proper housing training for their employees.

Is your organization helping your managers develop leadership skills and other areas for growth? Have you thought about ongoing training? Or do you solely focus on what the new hires bring to the table, missing the potential that's already there?

If the answer is the latter, then it's probably time to take a hard look at how you can help your property managers with all the practical and theoretical knowledge they will need. From online housing training courses to webinars, there are plenty of ways that companies can ensure that the existing employees and upcoming managers are well-equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and mindset from the experts needed to succeed.

How to make training programs efficient?

The basic principle to making this approach work is to consider all the skills and knowledge that you will need in your property manager and then provide them with the opportunity to build those qualities. The experts at E3 Housing Solutions can help you with this and break down the training program into the following areas:

  1. Unlimited access to courses
  2. On-demand training on relevant topics
  3. HUD updates
  4. Access to webinars


So, how do you go about creating the perfect training program? Our annual subscription grants property managers and housing experts unlimited access to courses and webinars that will help you stay up-to-date with pertinent housing services while giving you the ability to access when you want and when you need them.

Training programs act as a guide!

Online housing courses as a part of their training will set them up for success going forward and they will already have the initial support needed during third-party verifications, processing vouchers, or addressing tenants' concerns.

Most often, the HUD managers are expected to perfectly execute each task every time. So, the safest alternative is to connect your property managers with a more experienced specialist who will not only provide them with the guidance to perform a certain task, but also engage and interact with them for a practical solution that aligns with HUD rules and the organizations' expectations and objectives. The benefits of training can have profound effects on their productivity and overall profitability, avoiding costly mistakes and becoming proficient in their roles.


Encouraging Streamlined Management Techniques

  1. Be it self-auditing files or closing MORs, the training courses will teach managers to break the different responsibilities into smaller tasks. In a sense, with a streamlined training session, they will learn the correct way to perform and make themselves more productive. And when they apply that knowledge, they will be better able to perform and divide time in the same way.
  2. Prioritization is important! Training program for housing help them to discern what is most important while onboarding a tenant or filling vacancies. For instance, streamlined training that designates each task will explain why it is ordered in such a manner.
  3. It is incredibly important for managers to make wise decisions even if the situation is difficult. A good way is to collect feedback from the team and incorporating other perspectives. For instance, when the team member comes with their own ideas, they are much more likely to see the justification behind a certain step and see them through.

Again, to achieve all of this, you need to start by setting a few benchmarks from the beginning and give them the freedom to utilize the sessions as they go about making their goals. To transition to your organizations' goals smoothly, train your property managers- thoroughly- so they are prepared to be effective leaders.

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