Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

by Sanjay Patoliya Founder & Director

To develop a fast and easy-to-use mobile app with an attractive user interface, you will need a competent mobile application development company.

But the question is app development company you are hiring is proper or not? Here I have created a list of some important questions that you should ask your vendor before hiring them.

How much do you know about our business?

When we look to hire a mobile app development firm, it is very important to understand that whether the company is competent to make a mobile app which combines your vision and requirements in one single app. The company you are going to hire should have good knowledge about your business, your targeted audience and targeted area of your business.

What is the maximum and minimum size of companies whom you have provided your services?

The app development agency should have served small to medium to the large size of industries with their requirements fulfilled up to their satisfaction. They should be well versed with the differing cultures or work methodology adopted by different companies.

Which industry verticals and domains have you provided your services to?

The mobile application development agency should have a robust profile of serving various industries with their requirements served satisfactorily.

Can you share a portfolio of your previous work?

Past work of an organization shows their skill level, sets foundations for future work, and a reason for the developers to be proud of. The mobile application development company should have their previous works featuring in Google Play, and Apple’s app store, and among others.

Have you built any specific app for my area of work? Where/How can I access the app?

It is important to know whether the app development agency is aware of your requirements or not. Hence, it becomes very obvious to check out the app they have made to check the veracity of their claims. This way, you can also get a fair chance of getting to know the reviews and opinions of the users.

What is your approach towards app development process?

The developers of the mobile app development company should be abreast with the latest market trends, and, therefore, should know which are the latest app development technologies are.

Would it be possible for me to connect with your previous clients in some way?

While hiring a firm for app development, it is really important to know how the company manages its relations with its clients. You should talk to its previous clients about their work, dedication and abilities to deliver output.

I would like to know more about your technology services and development services.

The company should have a profile of their technology services and development services ready where their specializations, brief and detailed profiles of their developers, their past projects, and other achievements are listed.

Which development methodologies are you proficient in working with? Do you work in Agile Development?

The developers at the app development company must be proficient in both Agile and Scrum, with extensive and expansive work experience in both methodologies.

Have you published your work on GitHub or another public Git Repo?  If yes, can you share URL(s)?

The mobile app development company must have published their work on GitHub or another public Git repo which can help in the evaluation of their work.

What is your delivery management structure, and how do you report back the detailed status of development?

The delivery management structure varies from company to company. It is advisable to have a clear understanding of how and when the delivery of the project will be done. A daily or weekly reporting of the app development phase, and the delivery process can be requested for.

How do you go about user experience and design principles in app development?

UX strategy is designed and developed in consultation with the customers. It begins with understanding and documenting customers’ preferences around color, shape, usability: accessibility and information flow.

What is the skill set of your team?

The skill set of the developers helps the clients to determine their capabilities in making the necessary features in the app. The desired skill set may include proficiency in coding languages like JavaScript, frameworks like React Native and Angular, delivery processes like Agile.

How much involvement from my side shall be required?

App development agency would require your involvement on a variable basis, for obtaining information about the areas where only you hold the knowledge/background, or for your reviews/approvals/acceptance.

What is your approach towards coding standards and utilizing a framework?

There is an inherent need for adopting specific coding standards to ensure uniformity, similar experience, and cohesive pedagogy. Without coding standards, any codebase being worked upon by multiple coders would be very hard to fathom, comprehend, and review amongst peers and reviewers.

There are a number of frameworks which are used for leveraging the usability, best practices implementation, standardized rendition, and minimize redundant efforts. Using frameworks cuts down the development time drastically while ensuring non-functional requirements of an app are as per best practices derived from proven, repeatable patterns.

Will my app work on different Ecosystems Or Operating systems?

The developers, you wish to hire, should have the experience of making cross-platform apps with the help of breakthrough technologies like React Native. So that your app will properly work on every platform.

How do I keep a track on the progress of my project with you?

App development company should provide you a weekly consolidated report of the progress around the status of the project, containing information around what was done in the current week, what is planned for the next week, where we are in terms of the big picture, what are the lowlights/highlights, what are the new risks we see, if any, and which risks have been mitigated.

Do you develop a Wireframe before the initialization of the project?

A wireframe is essential so that it is clear as an outline as to whether you and the developers are on the same page with respect to the requirements, what course of action shall be followed, and how the delivery process will take place.

Can you make my app specifically for a particular platform?

If you want to develop an app on a particular platform, then the mobile app development company you hire should have developers proficient in that particular platform.

How can I update my app after the launch?

You should ask your development company that whether would they provide app updates after launching of your app. You should ask the developer company to structure your package around the maintenance and support system to address any changes to be made in the app in the future.

How do you test the Apps?

Mobile app testing is done to ensure its functionality, usability, and consistency of the app. A standard app testing strategy should be followed to ensure a smooth run of the app when used. The agency can recruit test participants internally or externally.

Will your team be able to work in my time zone?

The firm who will develop your mobile app should be ready to work in your timezone in any geography.

If I want a few features to be modified, what would be your approach towards it?

The company should be open to making changes according to the client’s requirements with a clear understanding.

How much transparency can I expect?

As a client, it is your right to expect 100% transparency from the company you hire for app development. If the processes, progress, and modus operandi are opaque, you cannot expect the desired results in your app.

Which services can I expect in my package?

If your mobile app development company offers you a package, it would be better if you and the company are on the same page with respect to the services offered and your budget.

Do I get the right on the Codebase of the app?

An app is made out of the codebase. It is the basis of the special features and requirements unique to the client. The app development companies work on hire to work basis, and they are supposed to hand over the entire codebase to the clients. Hence, the codebase of the app belongs to and should be owned by the clients who have hired the mobile application development firm.

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