Important Angular Development Practices For Every Developer

by Gary Ferguson Technical Writer | Blogger
Angular stands as the leading development framework for the majority of development projects. Most app developers prefer angular over any other technology for development. It can be used to build solutions for any business of any scale. Angularjs development services always opt for best practices and tools to leverage the framework for maximum output. Web application development company uses angular because it's fully equipped with a MVC framework to build single-page web applications or SPAs with HTML and Typescript.

Typescript (object-oriented programming language) helps developers in different ways like highlighting syntax, code completion, use data types, and other features for quicker and effective coding. It also provides modern features like inheritance, objects, classes, etc. AngularJS uses the best practices and every angular developer should follow these and have a strong command over various modules or components of Angular.


  • Create a CoreModule when the app starts for a single service.
  • CoreModules can only be used in an AppModule and should not be mixed with other modules.
  • Build a detailed layout component with menu options, header & footer, etc.
  • The components that need to be used for the development process should be kept in the layout folder which is in CoreModule.


  • Build a feature module in the shared folders i.e., SharedModule
  • Build a SharedModule that has elements like directives, components, and pipes that will be needed in app development.
  • Avoid using services at the root level.


  • This module is built within the config folder
  • Build APIs or services within the config folder


  • Create a feature module, i.e., HomeModule within the home
  • Also create within the home, a separate page with routing options,
  • For projects with many pages, developers need to create a feature module for every single page.


Create this module for state management by creating a StoreModule for globalized states. Also, create this feature in the folder of a particular page component to manage states further.

Lazy Loading Feature Module

This allows developers to boost their productivity by allowing them to load a module that is required in the development.

CDK Virtual Scroll

It is found inside the Angular Material Package to boost the performance of the application by managing the larger file in the browser.

Angular Coding Style

  • Ensure that the code is limited within 400 lines.
  • The code should be limited to 75 lines for every single function
  • For every slider, the component uses custom prefixes for sharing features.
  • Declare 'const' in case the variable's value remains intact.
  • For mentioning, properties & methods use lower camel case
  • Add a space on one empty line in between imports & modules.

Angular CLI

  • A useful element for optimum accessibility. Angular CLI is a command-line interface tool that assists in developing, initializing, maintaining, scaffolding, testing, and debugging Angular applications. It can also be used within a command shell too.
  • Developers can also create required components like directives, modules, pipes, services, files, folders, and classes.

Reusable Components

  • By creating reusable components, angular developers can enhance their productivity and complete projects much faster. Developers can build UI components for an app and use it wherever it is required.
  • Developers can update changes with UI components and it will be reflected in the UI areas.

These Angular practices refine the development process and build powerful applications. These practices are effective and every Angular developer needs to be acquainted with them. Hiring Angular developers to build the projects is also advisable, there are various aspects in app development, and developers can guide you through the entire process and build a customized application that adjusts to the business goals.

Angular development practices will streamline the entire project and will also help the development team to build the right solution. These are the tried & tested practices, hence, the angular developers of any Web Application Development Company avail these practices to deliver the angularjs web development services to the clients and help them build a strong business for themselves.

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