Importance of Translation to German and Chinese Languages

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Germany is a strong economy and global power, and therefore the importance of German is high too. The number of German speakers in the word is some 100 million. 95% of them stays in Germany itself, and the rest are spread at important countries of the world. In Austria 89% of the population speaks German, and that too as their first language. In Switzerland too as many German speakers are present amongst the population. In the US, there are 5 million German speakers. In Brazil and Argentina, there are 3 and 1 million German speakers respectively. After the America War of Independence, when the country’s official language was determined then German was also considered in place of English for some time. Therefore the requirement for translations to German for various works that relates to the country and its people is much necessary for many businesses and organizations.

The official use of German

The official use of German is found in many places. In the European Union, German is one of the 23 languages. The European Space agency has three official languages, and they are English, German and French. Hence all meetings of the EU, UEFA and ESA demands German translations. Being one of the most important European languages, and also the language of a powerful nation anyone wants to trade with, the requirement for German translation services Toronto is high.

The requirement for Chinese translations

Just like German is important to thrive in European Economy, Chinese is equally important to thrive in Asian Economy. One of the biggest powers in Asia, China has made a place of itself in anything and everything. Chinese as the language is even tougher and difficult to learn. There are two forms of Chinese; one is Mandarin and another is Cantonese. And there are various sub-dialects int hem too. 850 million people speaks mandarin and 70 million speaks Cantonese. And then there are 34 million speaking Hakka. Besides China, the languages are used in Taiwan and Singapore too. Therefore a big population of the world uses the language. Hence association for education or business or government relations to any of these countries would require Chinese translation services Toronto.

One of the main reasons Chinese is difficult is that there are just too many alphabets in the language. And still the Chinese people do not use the alphabetical form of writing. Rather they use a pictorial form of writing, where symbols have meanings. Instead of writing the language from left to right they write it from top to bottom. That’s why many people are poorly literate in China, only for the huge pictorial and symbolical database that is difficult to fathom. Hence finding a good translator for Chinese is crucial.

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