Importance of the Illustrations to Land Surveyors

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A detailed land survey encompasses the description of the very plat in question and even a map as well.  When land is being surveyed at the time of transfer, then a map on file bearing the local governing authority is bound to be present, or the homeowners are sure to have a copy.

Nevertheless, a written description of the land is extremely useful, and rather necessary in a survey. At the same time, the map even plays an important role. Most land surveys begin with a series of numbers and letters, which denote the ways to find out the parcel and the boundaries. 

Sometimes, the letters, namely N, E, W, S refers to the directions, or as township and range for the Public Lands Survey System. Numbers are even used, which denote the largeness of the particular parcel, how far is the border stretching in a specific direction. Through the well-written descriptions, the land surveyors can mark out easily the plot of land in Perth. But the maps have their equal role in this matter to prevent the borders from suffering disputes and that the land surveyors need not do any incorrect surveys.
How Important are the Illustrations to the Land Surveyors in the Process of Land Survey?
When the metes and bounds surveys use the boundary in the form of a boundary marker, and subsequently the building is torn down, then it becomes difficult to determine where is the line exactly.  An illustration shows the plot’s perimeter that includes where the building is located, and precisely points out the length of each property line. Hence, in case, the physical marker goes, the map directs the land surveyors where it had been.

Illustrations serve as a crucial visual tool. Despite anyone describing anything, the one that is most helpful is the illustration as it fosters deeper understanding since it delivers the information in a much different format. 

For the land surveying purposes, both the described words and illustrations are better. When the land surveyor is drawing the boundary lines in between the two landowners, then they have to provide the clearest and precise report so that there are fewest questions to answer.
Comparisons of the Old Illustrations to the Newer Ones
The land surveyors come across the maps, which are crudely drawn and dates back to the 1800s, and prefer to use the recent color-coded, computer-generated 3D maps. The aerial photographs are even a part of the land survey, but these are not necessary to the land surveys for ordinary real estate. 

Despite the present-day technology, the maps are more precise and deliver information in a better user-friendly way, on the pretext of being accurate and it usefulness in land survey. Understanding a map is easier. It is possible for anyone to immediately determine the land’s size and shape and generally its location much relative to the landmarks like rivers, roads, and the related parcels.

The Coordinates, are not for the laypeople to decode, but the land surveyors use them to pinpoint the parcel with the help of the latitude and longitude lines. 

Land surveying is a technical and a more exact job, and the detailed information included in it means the land surveys are accurate. A land survey done on the simple real estate transfers an acre quarter in a suburban development, which need not be of a similar depth as the larger project.

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