Importance of Teaching Your Kid English in Elementary School

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

In today's globalised world, the importance of English as a language cannot be overstated. 

It serves as a lingua franca, connecting people from different cultures and facilitating communication on a global scale. As a parent, enrolling your child in the best English medium school in Kolkata or the best school in Kolkata that emphasises English education can have numerous long-term benefits. Let's explore why teaching your kid English in elementary school is paramount.

English Proficiency

First and foremost, English proficiency opens doors to a vast range of educational opportunities. English is the language of instruction in many renowned universities and educational institutions worldwide. By starting early and ensuring your child has a strong foundation in English from elementary school, you provide them with a competitive advantage when it comes to higher education. They will be better equipped to understand academic content, participate actively in discussions, and excel in their studies.

English Fluency

Moreover, English fluency enhances future career prospects. In a global job market, proficiency in English is highly sought after by employers. Many multinational companies conduct business in English, and fluency in the language is often a prerequisite for job positions. By giving your child a head start in English education, you equip them with a valuable skill set that can significantly increase their employability and career opportunities in the future.

Early learning

Learning English at an early age also promotes cognitive development. Research suggests that bilingual or multilingual individuals tend to have better problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, and improved critical thinking abilities. By introducing English in elementary school, your child's brain is exposed to a new language structure, vocabulary, and linguistic concepts, stimulating cognitive growth and fostering mental flexibility.

Cultural Understanding

Furthermore, English proficiency facilitates cultural understanding and fosters global citizenship. As your child learns English, they gain access to literature, films, music, and diverse cultural perspectives from English-speaking countries. This exposure promotes empathy, tolerance, and an appreciation for different cultures. It broadens their horizons and nurtures their ability to engage with a global community, fostering open-mindedness and intercultural competence.

Communication Skills

Teaching English in elementary school also enhances communication skills. English is widely used in various professional and social settings, and having a strong command of the language enables effective communication with people from different backgrounds. It improves oral and written communication skills, encourages self-expression, and boosts confidence. These skills are invaluable, as they lay the foundation for success in personal relationships, academia, and future professional endeavours.


Ennrolling your child in the best English medium school in Kolkata or the best school in Kolkata that prioritises English education is a decision that can positively impact their educational journey and future prospects. 

Teaching English in elementary school provides your child with a solid foundation in the language, opens doors to educational and career opportunities, enhances cognitive development, fosters cultural understanding, and promotes effective communication skills. 

By investing in their English education from an early age, you are equipping them with a valuable lifelong skill that will benefit them in numerous aspects of life.

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