Importance of Natural Body Perfume in our Daily Life

by Ayur Shakha Natural & Ayurvedic Products
Every new fragrance has a different story to tell. Talking about it scientifically, it’s the atoms which combine and make molecules. We smell those molecules as fragrances. Some are likable and some are too strong or too light for our liking. However which way, it is the smelling ability of our nose that tells us different stories each time.

Many of us believe that perfumes and body mists are nothing more than a source of revamping our freshness statements but in most of the cases, it is much more than that. Fragrances play a part in building memories for us.

When we are informed that a new perfume brand is taking the market by storm, it’s basically a creation of new perfume molecules by mixing a few old ones and recreating them. Each perfume and mist has a varying fragrance to it; it all depends on the choice of your mood and the kind of energy you want to radiate.

At present, one more fragrance type which is ruling the market is blooming passion herbal body perfume. People who have a thing for flowery and citrus fragrance find it soothing. The combination of oils used in the making of blooming passion perfume is chemical and preservative free, inspired from the nature’s gifts. It is more likely for the women who prefer fragrances with middle note, which is not too strong and not too light. One thing which we should keep in mind is that the essential oils used in mists and perfumes do not suit all skin types. If you have dry skin, it is highly recommended to do a patch test and for that matter be it blooming passion herbal body perfume or any ‘regular’ brand.

When picking fragrances for our self, it is very important to have clarity about what purpose we want to serve from it. Smelling good undoubtedly is on the priority list, but what we must ensure is that its smell should not be a headache for people around us. Essential oils like jasmine, citrus, sandalwood, cinnamon, green apple, peppermint and lemongrass are proven to last from two to eight hours and are delightful after a time.

Surprisingly, music and perfumes share a common term, ‘notes’. While choosing the perfect perfume for your note type, you need to know if you prefer strong, light or a medium note. Usually, scents with stronger notes do not last any longer from more than one to two hours. So choosing the right one which has an accurate blend of all essential oils is a must. Once we buy the right perfume or mist for our self, then comes the second part which is the application of it. Apply your perfume on the skin and do not rub it. Key areas for the application include both your wrists, behind the earlobes, ends of your collar bone and arm pits. After the application, the sprinkle of it is nowhere to be seen which means it has absorbed into your skin and will make you smell good in bits and portions every now and then.

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