Importance of hybrid renewable energy in remote areas

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Typically the hybrid system involves two or more renewable energy sources combined to produce a power supply that is reliable and uninterrupted. In other words, the hybrid power system is a combination of several (two or more) energy sources with appropriate energy conversion technologies linked to local load/grid power. As a distributed generation process it is classified, therefore no framework or structure is standardized. The advantages are reduced line and transformer failures, reduced environmental impact, decreased congestion in transmission and distribution, increased network performance, improved power quality, and increased efficiency overall.

Types of hybrid renewable energy system:

Biomass-wind fuel cell: consider a 100% power supply load and no renewable energy system can fulfill this requirement to combine two or more renewable energy systems.

·Photovoltaic wind:  This would generate more wind turbine output during the winter, while solar panels would produce a maximum output during the summer. Hybrid energy systems also produce higher economic and environmental returns than autonomous wind, solar, geothermal or trigger systems.

 Completely Renewable Hybrid Power Plant: the hybrid power plant of the four sources of renewable solar energy, wind, biomass, hydrogen can be fully controlled by using these resources properly and can be placed into service.

Hybrid Energy Systems employs a wide range of primary sources of energy when the expansion of the grid is not feasible or not economical. For future expansion and growth, the design and production of different components of HES are more versatile. The demand will increase the number of generating units to ensure consistency with the current system.

If two or three types of renewable energy systems are integrated into an adaptive energy system their inconveniences, depending on the control units, can be partially/completely prevented. The cost of solar panels can be minimized through the use of glass lenses, fluid heating mirrors to rotate the popular wind turbine and other sources.

By separating water into hydrogen and oxygen, electrolysis processes will create hydrogen; hydrogen is also a good fuel and burns to supply water using oxygen. Hydrogen can be used to sustain the biomass reservoir temperature in winter to produce biogas for energy generation in an ideal quantity.

Biogas is a good source in the summer; the available solar energy is also at its maximum during this time, and the excess energy can then be used and stored once demand and supply are properly tested and measured. Electricity consumption is also low in winter, so the availability cap is low.

A range of factors currently exist that affect the design and control of hybrid renewables and the design tools available indicate that work in this field needs to be improved. Three main criteria for optimization exist are economic, technological and environmental criteria.

·   Economic: Net Present Cost means the sum of all expenses: expenditure on equipment, non-fuel, and repairs, replacement costs, energy costs, any other costs including legal fees, etc. Net Present Cost is a summation.

·Technological: A power source on this site is considered reliable if a consistent electric power supply is generated and is available to meet the forecast demand peaks. There are strengths and weaknesses in each energy source, such as its inherent supply reliability limitations, which could lead to an energy gap if production falls short of demand, resulting in electricity supply interruptions.

· Environmental: Place conditions, carbon dioxide emissions (RF). Others less examined concern the legal framework as well as the subsidies/penalties associated with technology development or discrepancies between countries.

Methodology for the design of hybrid renewable power systems depending on the availability of energy sources and load characteristics is a primary point of concern.

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