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hemistry is the branch of Science that deals in the study of properties, structure and composition of matter. It also determines the laws and conditions under which the matter has undertaken changes. Chemistry plays a vital role in day to day activities. Check out the importance of Chemistry in life. The famous chemist Shibapratim Bagchi explains the importance of chemistry in daily life.

Shibapratim Bagchi

1.    Chemistry has contributed a lot in maintaining the sanitization and produced safety measures for health. The discovery of drugs like penicillin and sulphur have saved mankind from various diseases. The compounds act as tranquilizer and antibiotics. The discovery of anesthesia has made the surgical operations even more successful. Antiseptics like dettol and insecticides like DDT have helped a lot keeping the bacterias and insects away.

2.    It helps in food production and preservation of the food products. Chemical fertilizers like urea ensure that there is an increased yield in the crops productions. Insecticides and pesticides keep the insects at bay and save the crops from destruction. Preservatives help the food to save it for a longer period. Also, pure food is tested to check for the processing by making use of chemical compounds.

3.    Bagchi Sir Chemistry reveals the importance of antibiotic in our daily life. The Chlorofluorocarbons have been replaced by the chemical that does not cause any harm to the ozone layer.

4.    Diesel, coal and petrol are all forms of chemical products that facilitate the transportation and running the machines.

5.    Industries like paper, glass, cement, etc and especially the pharmaceutical industry totally relies   on the chemicals and their reactions.

6.    The innovation of the new chemical compounds have changed our lifestyles. It has added to our comfort, luxury and pleasure. Some of its benefits are:

-       Chemistry has provided us with synthetic fabric like rayon, nylon, etc. Also dyes have been helpful in adding bright and fast colors to the fabric.

-       Steel and cement have played a major role in construction of buildings and other materials.

-       Metals like gold and silver have been used as jewellery and various other metals are used for making coins or in the agricultural sectors.

-       Plastic, detergents, cosmetics, etc are all made of chemicals and are used daily as essentials.

-       Fireworks, cinema and other entertainment sources are also made of chemical products.

Experiments with the various chemical compounds and the reactions have given us various advantages. However, some of the chemicals are being used for negative purposes as well. It is very crucial to make use of the things wisely. The students of S. Bagchi Classes enquire about importance of chemistry

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