Importance and Types of Car Servicing

by Huck Nall Hucknall Lane Service Centre

It is essential to have a regular car servicing for the maintenance and fixing problems before they damage your cars too badly. Many of us decide that passing an annual MOT keeps the vehicle’s condition on the top. But, an MOT is just a test and servicing will only highlight the problems and indicate the part/s need to be changed immediately to ensure the smooth running condition of a car. Behind a regular car service there are many reasons are hiding. There are many types of car servicing done at service centres. We will discuss them and the importance of car servicing here.

Why is car servicing important?

• Regular car servicing is essential because it keeps your vehicle healthy, improves fuel economy and protects against possible breakdowns 

• Unexpected car breakdowns can be avoided as car servicing examines your car’s condition thoroughly and supports in maintaining its condition. 

• Though car servicing seems expensive, you should consider it as a long term investment for your car. Regular servicing helps in maintaining its resale value as well as safeguarding its condition and helping to shun unexpected repairs.

• Cars with regular services will be fuel-efficient. This is because unserviced cars won’t be running with their fullest efficiency. Small issues say oil change to big issues like faulty exhaust impacts on the fuel consumption of a vehicle. 

• A Car Service Hucknall is a safety one because important car parts and components are checked completely which ensures that your car is as safe as it can be. Features like suspension, engine parts and the braking system will be tested and if there are any necessary repairs the same will be highlighted.

• Many drivers avoid car servicing as they believe an MOT is quite enough as both are same. An MOT determines roadworthiness of your vehicle and it won’t involve with any repair. It is a legal requirement. Car servicing though an optional but highly recommended. A car’s optimum condition is being checked out by car servicing by checking the mechanical components of a car.

Types of Car Servicing

Interim Service

This service applies for cars that have been driven for over 20,000 miles per year. Depending on a car service interval, it may require more than once a year whereas your car might not necessarily need a full service. The basic roadworthiness of your car including checking the brakes, tyres, and leaking hoses, changing oil and filter will be carried out. Vital fluids such as coolant and brake fluid will also be topped up in case       of requirement. While these are standard for an interim service, some garages remove the wheels to check the brake pads, and check the auxiliary driver’s belts as a part of the service. 

Full Car Service

It is also called “Silver Service” and recommended for either every 12,000 miles or 12 months. A wide range of checks and replacements are carried out in full car service and few of them are:

Radiator and coolant hose check, Inspecting AC system, Change of air filters, Exclusive brake inspection, Inspecting wheel bearing and shock absorber etc.

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