Image Editing & Prepress Services

by Shahidul I. Professenional Business Man

Image Editing & Prepress Services


If you are a professional photographer, or even if wanting to be one, you should be able to understand the importance and uses of this title subject matter. In all photography the basic technique remains the same. The desired image is to be captured in a fraction of a second, which many a times is elusive, or just missed. To enable these error corrections, Image Editing & Prepress Solutions come very useful.


In fact, it is advisable for most, if not all images to go through these processes which enhance our capabilities, and multiply the possibilities of using our images in various kinds of presentations.

Take a look at the services presently available to us. We just might get better.


Clipping Path

A clipping path is a vector path used for separating the object from the background. Using this method we can separate the selected image from any photograph and place it on any other desired surface. This can either be done on auto-mode using various software or do them manually by hand. The handmade version here has an upper edge, since the auto-version is unable to innovate and accept challenges or surprises that pictures throw up from time to time.


A clipping path in an image editing program is functionally equivalent to a mask in an illustration program.


Soft Masking

We know that, Soft Masking, Alpha Channel, or Alpha Composting is a channel/process used in graphic software to combine an image with the background to create an appearance of partial transparency.


This is very helpful in rendering different image elements in separate passes, and then combining the resulting multiple 2D images into one final finished image.

Soft Masking is used widely for combining computer rendered images along with live footage.


Color Correction & Retouching

Color correction service

Color Correction is literally a balancing act. It is balancing the color of objects and/or areas, highlighting details in shadow sections, adjusting contrast, bringing out the details, brightening the eyes, whitening teeth, body slimming, removing blemish and wrinkles, and more.


Mostly used, for correcting problems of color quality and tonal range in images intended for high class catalogues, brochures, magazines and web publishing.

With so many varieties of possibilities, our photography can never go wrong. There is as much we can do after the click, as we could have before releasing the shutter.


Digital Cartoon Coloring

Cartoon coloring

Digital and scanned cartoons can be colored as desired with flourish. One or more multiple layers can be added to our black and white images, and then add different colors and textures. Highlights and shadows can be added in separate layers.

For the classy cartoon look, color layers are merged and certain filters added.


Vectorizing Graphics

Vector conversion

Vector graphics or vectorization is the application of geometrical factors like points, lines, curves and different shapes, based on mathematical formula for the representation of images in computer graphics.

In the Illustrator we can manually convert raster graphics/images into vector graphics. The vector based images can be scaled indefinitely without degrading, while this advantage is unavailable with the Bitmap formats.


Flash Animation

With this we would be able to give movement to our otherwise static images. Flash animation can be used to convert the otherwise still 2D images into vibrant and performing videos.

Try these out, and find out the difference this is able to make even for the worst shots that we have taken. What you thought was lost, can be successfully recovered with the help of these innovative technologies.



Image editing service are available on the internet now. We don't have to go looking for experts that are hard to find. Check them out! Send in what you thought was lost. A photograph which you thought was bad because of the background or color quality.


A photographer would only get better using this techniques available now. It is not all over once we have clicked, there still is so much, much more that we can also do afterwards.



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