Ideas for front door in 2021: Design and color trends

by S3t Koncepts Interior Design Company
When designing the interior of our houses, we sometimes tend to forget about the entrance door, considering it as an exterior element. However, the front door works both ways. Along with representing how your house looks from the outside and making a statement about you and your personality, it also should be as per the interior look of your place. And hence, it is just as significant to consider as any other element in your house.

It may come as a surprise to some but the door trends, like any other, also change every year and all the interior design companies in UAE never fail to make sure that they are up to date with the market. Keep on reading to learn about the vital trends to follow when it comes to front doors. From design to color, we have got it all covered.

Extra Wide Front doors

First on the list are extra-wide doors. The reason being they have many advantages as a front door. To discuss a few, they are very convenient and provide more space, making the in and out of items from the house pretty manageable. Along with giving a contemporary and luxurious look, they dramatically enhance the style of your place. It says a lot about someone’s personality being lavish. It also gives a curb appeal to your house.

Minimalist doors

Minimalism is never out of style. As mentioned already, the front door says a lot about the person who lives in the house, and minimalism represents a compendious personality which is exactly what one should look for in a door. Some people may confuse it with being too simple for a front door but when chosen right, it can make your house stand out. From sleek lines to neat geometric patterns, minimalism will not disappoint you. Plus, it will work well from the inside with any kind of interior in your house.

Glassdoor for the front

Versatility is one thing that should come with a door. It should work well with any kind of house, be it a loft or apartment. A glass door provides that versatility. There are numerous options to choose from and if you think it will hinder your privacy, feel free to use textured glass. One major benefit that comes with these kinds of doors is that they let more light in the house. If you want to take it one step further, you can always use french glass doors.

Steel door for the front

The list is incomplete without the mention of some kind of metal. One of the most durable doors on the list, a steel door is probably the best option for your entrance if you are budget tied. They require very little maintenance and provide more security. Steel doors also help in boosting your curb appeal. They don’t have to be plain and boring. You can play around with textures and colors and choose the one that goes best with your abode. 

Combinational doors

Now that we have discussed different elemental doors individually, one more option you have is to mix it all in. For instance, wood with glass, wood with metal, or maybe even aluminum with glass. These kinds of doors are probably the easiest to match with the insides of your house because of their multiple components. They look elegant and very versatile. You can go as far as including the same combination on the door frame along with the canvas.

Color trends for front doors

There is no one color set for all doors. Different shades and textures work with different species. Besides a basic front door painted a certain tone makes a different statement and leaves one’s mind to the best of their imagination.

Dark shades such as gloss black and navy blue are classics and will be in trend.
Along with the above one, brighter shades like sunny yellow, lime green, bright red, etc.

Wood can’t not be mentioned due to the warmth it brings.

According to interior design companies in Dubai, the door trends for 2021 are all about being able to convey a significant narrative without having to say anything at all. Choose the design that goes best for your place, both in and out, and is under your budget and you are good to go. One last tip we would like to give is to maybe consider the doors in your neighborhood and try to create a unified look.

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