Hyper GoGo Gokart kit------ Give your hoverboard a new lease of life

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Hoverboard is so popular in recent years that many people have one or even more than two pieces, those different brands, different models and different size. Just bought it back, people are always too fond to let it go and want to play it whenever, such as commuting, shopping, even on the way to bathroom. But novelty will always pass. No one care the hoverboard is in the stairs compartment or in the storage room when they lose interest in it.





So, how can old-hoverboard be used again? I think modification is a good way. At the very beginning, I found an attachment called “hoverkart”, but it’s too simple to drive. Yeah, I admit that it is a good idea to make hoverboard interesting again. But the “hoverboard seat” with crude frame and a small wheel doesn’t even have brakes! I have to doubt whether it’s safe or not.





Then, Segway launched a cool accessory that can change Segway Minipro hoverboard to a fully functioning Gokart. What a wonderful product! It works like a real gokart after easily assembled.

Unfortunately, it only fits Ninebot transporters. You cannot attach your hoverboard to Ninebot Gokart kit if it is not belong to Ninebot. Moreover, high prices is a hindrance for people who want to buy. Isn’t there another hoverboard go kart kit for different hoverboard? Yes, there is.



Ninebot Gokart kit & Hyper GoGo GoKart Kit




Hyper GoGo Gokart kit is a go kart attachment for hoverboard, launched by Hyper GoGo, a small company which always focus on hoverboard sales. Although it’s not as famous as Segway, their product has high quality. Anyway, let’s talk about Hyper GoGo Gokart kit first.





What is unique about this product? First, it’s a real hoverboard go kart kit just like Ninebot Gokar kit, not a “hoverboard seat”. It has 4 wheels, an adjustable metal frame, shock absorber and disc brakes,etc. Not only does it look like a gokart, it also drives like a gokart. Second, it overcomes Ninebot Gokart kit’s shortcomings. It can works with any current hoverboard on market. THAT IS WHAT I LOOKING FOR! Through their videos, you’ll find it is really a nice kit, portable, reliable and simple. It is as good as Ninebot Gokart kit, but the price is only half of the former. It’s really rare.





What I am talking about is only a few of its many features.More details please check on their website or social media. This product is being crowdfunded now, and first 100 pieces get $60 off. Don’t lose the race, if you have interest on it.

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