Huge Benefit of Fiber Optic Internet to Business

by Neil Barrera Writer at PH

Fiber optic internet connectivity can make a great advantage to companies in any size, particularly companies who use the cloud for apps or data storage. Fiber coupled with voice over telephony is a powerful combination for the overall business communication. In this article, you’ll know the benefits of fiber connectivity to your business and you can look up services that you want to get from the best internet provider in the Philippines. 


The connectivity of fiber internet offers significant reliability advantage over the usual internet connectivity. Fiber optic internet is not susceptible to changes of weather conditions which are the usual cause of damage or causes stall data transmission via the copper cabling. Since fiber internet uses fiber as their tool, it is resistant to human or electrical interference unless the actual fiber is physically cut. 

Internet connections that are unreliable can have a really big cost to businesses. Unplanned downtime can bring business communications and productivity to an overall stop. If your company requires internet connectivity to function properly and the employees of the company also needs it to finish their tasks, reliability is really a necessity. 


Fiber optic internet is so many times faster than any copper internet connection with choices available that range from 5 mbps to 100 gbps. During the period of high usage for internet connectivity, your business should not notice the internet slowing down. 

Some research shows that slow internet connections cost employees “one week per year of productivity”. Instead of the time your teams spend waiting on slow internet can seem minor, it definitely adds up significantly over time. The internet connections should never stop the productivity of your company thus help it to move forward instead. It should be a tool that supports each and every one of your employees desire to work productively. 

Signal Strength

Traditional broadband internet using DSL or copper, the signal degrades as the user moves away from the switch. The strength of the signal of fiber optic internet does not degrade quickly over distance. Companies in relatively large spaces could benefit with this kind of internet connectivity since it will provide better signal strength throughout the facility. This could be true for employees in work areas that are located a significant distance away from the telecommunications room, which may be negatively impacted by distance with broadband internet. 

Cloud Access

From CRM or customer relationship management tools to data storage, the cloud is one of the most important business tools for applications, hosting and many more business related tasks. Most of the companies nowadays are using the cloud in some capacity. The bandwidth and speed capabilities of fiber internet means faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud. 

Your business can definitely benefit from fewer delays in accessing different cloud hosted information via different tools and platforms, which can lead to your sales and customer service staff will no longer face delays with communicating with clients or customers. As businesses move more towards services to the cloud, fiber optic internet is becoming critical. 

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