HS Code-What is a harmonized code and what do I need to do with it?

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Harmonized Coding System (HS Codes)

The HS, or Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, is a term used to classify globally traded products using names and numbers. AHS Codes are typically 6 digits long. These six digits are then subdivided into three pairs of two digits each. This is known as the HS Code structure. The AHS Code is written as follows: 420222. Each pair of two digits describes the product being imported or exported.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • First two digits: high school chapter (the type of commodity)
  • Second and third digits: HS heading (raw material information)
  • The HS subheading is the third two digits (finished or non-finished good).

For instance, the importation of surface plastic sheeting, textiles, and handbags is only permitted under HS Code 420222. To exchange certain commodities, this code is used in nations including France, China, Italy, Burma, Hong Kong, Canada, Cambodia, Japan, and Indonesia.

A few nations allow HS codes to be more than six digits. The maximum length of an HS Code is 10 digits. To further define the imported or exported product, use the ten digit HS Code.

What exactly is an HS code?

The term HS code stands for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. It is a series of digits used by customs to categorise goods. Learn why they’re vital and where to acquire one.

Why are they significant?

Customs uses an HS code of at least six digits to classify the commodity being delivered. This allows it to calculate taxes and levies accurately and impose any required limits. 

If the HS code is not included on the commercial invoice and other shipping documents, the recipient may pay the incorrect tax and the shipment may be delayed.

How do I obtain one?

You can obtain one through the government website of your nation.

You may also utilize online HS code lookup tools; simply enter a full product description to obtain your code.

Assume you’re shipping 100% cotton women’s short sleeved T-shirts; the HS code will be:

Textiles and articles are a category (62).

T-shirts, singlets, and other vests are classified as a subcategory 

Cotton Fabric (42)

621142 is the HS code.

Customs agencies all across the world can identify the contents of your delivery using this number.

HS Codes have been used in Global Trade Data for more than 33 years. As a result, HS Codes are essential for effective foreign commerce of goods before starting an import-export corporation in any country. To begin, HS Codes represent a standardised system. It was established in 1988 by the World Customs Organization to create harmonisation channels for customs and trade undertakings. Most of these codes have been validated for use in the foreign exchange of goods between more than 200 countries.

Thus, Kenya trade data provides a brief explanation of what HS Codes are and why a harmonised system is important. This guide will assist fresh importers and exporters in international marketplaces who are exporting within the guidelines of the HS commodity categories.

HS codes are crucial for the import and export of goods because of why.

Because it interprets the product’s information and enables both parties to avoid unintentional catalog-based confusion during the exchange, the HS harmonized system code is essential. The additional components that heavily demand HS Codes are as follows:

  1. Tariff rates for export and import depend on the type of product.
  2. assemble and examine data about global trade.
  3. Internal taxes and related obligations.

The HS Code list also assists exporters and importers in avoiding frequent foreign exchange issues such as exchange halts at the border, HS Code Kenya 2022 , denial of access to import privileges, and additional fines.

Therefore, the HS code is the standard method of classifying products transported worldwide. If you are an importer or exporter, you must be familiar with the HS and HTS codes as they are commercial languages ?? of the world. However, the task of finding the correct HS Code for your product may seem too difficult at first. You should have an understanding of these Codes as they are your legal responsibility. Kenya trade data solutions provide you the import shipment data of Kenya by using hsn classification of codes such as hs code 6004 hs code 6005 hs code 6006 hs code 6101 hs code 6103 hs code 6104 hs code 6105 hs code 6106 hs code 6107 hs code 6108, etc for shipment data of Kenya.

Visit to view the HS Code list by-product origin of import/export, destination, and other detailed information.

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