How Tron Smart Contract MLM software is superior to Ethereum?

by Isa Charlotte Blockchain Research Analyst

Tron and Ethereum are the standard blockchain networks where a Smart contract MLM software can be developed. Tron is a global decentralized entertainment content sharing platform, while Ethereum is a hub for building various DApps and DeFi projects

The main advantages offered by the Tron Smart Contract MLM software

  • Tron has a faster transaction speed and ensures lower processing costs when compared to Ethereum. Ethereum can process only 25 transactions per second, while Tron can execute up to 10000 transactions a second. 

  • Tron has no gas price limit. The transaction fees are determined based on the bandwidth used and the energy consumed. On the other hand, Ethereum calculates the transaction charges as per the amount of gas consumed and the gas price.

  • The average number of transactions processed every day on TRON is higher than Etherum. 

  • Just like the ERC20 token standard of Ethereum, Tron has come out with its own TRC20 standard.

  • Tron also issued a $1.7 million airdrop program where 30 million TRX tokens will be distributed to the Ethereum community. 

  • Tron uses the secure delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism that guarantees greater throughput and high scalability. 

  • The idea behind Tron’s creation is unique as it rewards content creators for their work through credit sharing, payment, and storage. 

  • There are no middlemen in the platform, and users have complete ownership and control over the content they create. 

  • Privacy is ensured as the content remains in the hands of the creators preventing any modification.

  • The development plans of Tron are ambitious, with six different stages spread over 10 years. It includes various stages like content sharing, dividend management, token development, and game development. 

  • Digital assets can be distributed widely, and the same funds can be used for funding a new project by launching an ICO. 

  • It has a strong technical architecture with three different types of layers: the storage layer, the application layer, and the core layer.

  • Tron has a group of super representatives who maintain and govern the entire platform efficiently. Tron Power (TP) tokens offer voting rights to the users. 

  • Tron has a huge number of DApps in different fields like gaming, gambling, and decentralized exchanges.

  • The TRX holdings of the users can be safely stored in the Tron wallet. Tronpay or Tronlink extension is available for easy transfer of the tokens. It supports integration with different hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Trezor. 

  • The users of a Tron Smart contract MLM software can customize their rewards, fees, and matrix schemes. 

  • Tron also offers a dividend distribution plan for the users to reinvest and withdraw their funds anytime.

  • An auto-upgrade option is available to ensure that profits are generated repeatedly over a period. 

  • Tron aims to create a decentralized internet free from the control of any big technology giants. 

  • Like the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Tron has its Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) that supports different tools like Remix, Web3.js, and Truffle. 

  • Tron’s latest update is Tron 4.0, where zk-SNARKS (Zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) will be implemented on smart contracts. zk-SNARKS will be used by TRC20 token holders by either minting, transferring, or burning them. 

  • Tron 4.0 will enable more privacy for users, reducing the block confirmation time from 57 seconds to only three seconds using Practical Byzantine fault tolerance. 

The benefits ensured by Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software

  • Ethereum has $2.2 billion worth of USDT Stablecoin held on its platform in contrast to Tron’s $814 million.

  • Ethereum has a market cap of $158 billion compared to Tron’s $2.2 billion.

  • On the Ethereum blockchain network, developers can create ERC standard tokens, smart contracts, and DApps with ease.

  • It is highly interoperable as different applications can easily interact together through the concept of money legos.

  • The upcoming up-gradation of the network to Ethereum 2.0 will make the network more strong and resilient without any chances of congestion. It will switch over from the proof of work to the proof of stake consensus mechanism.  

  • It can be used as a cheap means of payment due to the absence of third parties.

  • Ethereum also supports the functioning of decentralized exchanges, open finance projects, the development of games, crypto-collectibles, token-curated registries, and management of organized marketplaces.

  • EVM is a tool that can be used by blockchain developers to find out technical bugs in their Dapps and smart contracts.

  • It is fully hack-free as the blockchain network maintains a high level of immutability. 

Determining the winner of the battle between TRON and Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software

Ethereum has existed since July 2015 in the market compared to Tron that was launched in September 2017. The Ethereum network is more decentralized than Tron as it has more nodes and greater support from developers. Tron is more scalable and secure than Ethereum. 

Tron is working aggressively to transform the global entertainment industry by teaming up with gaming platforms, live streaming sites, file-sharing tools, and social media networks. It has grown in line with the expectations with a huge rise in user activity and trading volume. 

Ethereum has the first-mover advantage in the DApps market. Both Tron and Ethereum are going neck to neck in DApps for gaming, gambling, and other high-risk categories. It remains to be seen if Ethereum, based on an open-source network, continues to dominate the market by maintaining its position at the top. Tron is fastly catching up as it can handle a huge data capacity and process transactions faster than Ethereum. 

Both Ethereum and Tron have to deal with scalability, decentralization, and security in the future and maintain a tight balance. Their technical infrastructure will be severely tested as they discover new use-cases and applications on their blockchain networks. 

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