How travelers are often targeted while on vacation

by Legal S. Timeshare Legal Action

Take the bait: A free gift, a complimentary dinner or vouchers to an event. While on vacation, you should follow the cautionary advice.

Do NOT succumb to coercion by sales staff to shop for Timeshare

Timeshare representatives claim that timeshare buyers are often conned into entering into timeshare contracts after being hard-pitch and conned. 

This goal is to have you make an impulsive and immediate decision, according to a well-known timeshare attorney.

Being resistant to coercion by the timeshare staff would require that all your thinking be rational and alert.

Review the Timeshare Resort

Avoid being enticed into attending a presentation at a resort that offers timeshare memberships. 

Consumers should review the contract prior to going on the tour to get a good understanding of what is included.

Review the facilities and see the variety of rooms, grounds and restaurants. Ask local vacation listing agents for information.


Timeshare resort presentations typically last between one and six hours.

According to surveys and studies and timeshare lawyers, vacation units on secondary markets have almost no value. An experienced timeshare lawyer says that after you sign the timeshare contract you are not only tied to the acquisition but also responsible to pay over-priced maintenance, revenue enhancement fees, exchange fees, and loan interest.

Vacationers Targeted

Mathew a timeshare proprietor recently reported to his timeshare lawyer, "I signed a Mexican resort timeshare in June 2019 while I was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. And they made false claims with regard to vacation packages. A customer service staffer later confirmed that they did not.

I asked the sales rep to let me know if I experienced any difficulties and whether I would be willing to opt-out and cancel. "

Consumers should consult a licensed timeshare attorney before entering into any timeshare contracts. This will protect your rights and prevent you from being conned or manipulated by the resort.

Timeshare Lawyers are a great asset to Timeshare Owners who have fallen prey to pushy salespeople who force them into signing contracts that favor resort companies over the interests of vacationers.

This group of highly-experienced timeshare attorneys has a successful track record. 

Timeshare proceedings exposes resort companies who misrepresent facts about timeshare memberships and relieves them from contractual obligations to pay high maintenance and revenue enhancement fee.

It is great to hire a timeshare firm. They can discuss their case with you and receive informed advice regarding your case.

Sometimes timeshare lawyers will base their fee policy based on the results of a case. 

Every Tactic in the Book

My friend shared with me that the resort's representative used every tactic in this article and more.

"Me and mine were there for at minimum 6 hours while the promised us everything. "

There are a variety of options for timeshare owners in today's market. These options include , and.

  • A fixed fee is charged for all legitimate transactions.
  • You can hire the services of a lawyer to represent you if a legal proceeding becomes necessary.
  • Enter a conciliation agreement with the timeshare resort.
  • Cancel the timeshare agreement.

Timeshare owners have the option to hire an attorney to represent them. The threat of a legal action can make it difficult for timeshare owners to negotiate their exit.

If litigation is inevitable, the timeshare owners must be mentally prepared for interaction with timeshare developers.

Timeshare holders should select an experienced timeshare attorney who can provide documentation that will support their case. 

A timeshare attorney must be experienced in timeshare cases. This attorney must also have a history of successfully representing timeshare owners.

When a timeshare attorney is hired, the owner of the timeshare must discuss all details regarding the case with him/her for a successful timeshare contract cancellation.

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