How to Write My Assignment? Tips from AU Experts

by Sophie Williams SEO executive

Students loathe when an assignment is given to them and they go around asking almost everyone “Can you please write my assignment?” There is an unknown fear that lingers among students when it comes to doing these assignments. The reason is unknown. It might be that the particular topic might not be appealing or interesting to the person or else since it is a tiring job because it needs research and methodic writing. And these days students hardly give time to their studies or else is too tired after class.

There are solutions to the question “Can anyone do my assignment?” that are just a click away, however, sometimes it so happens that time given is too less. Else it also happens that the student forgets or sometimes he just passes his time saying “I will do tomorrow” and that tomorrow never comes. And he remembers it the day before the submission date when situation is such that there is no time. Online service providers are always present to help the students.

Assignment help experts say that doing an assignment becomes easy when few small but important tips are followed. Since they are experts and helps with writing assignments, their experience say that assignments can be done sitting in the comfort of your home. The list below gives expert advice on how you can put an effort in your assignment and complete it.

Before starting an assignment, it is important that you structure it first.

● Start with an outline. It is a good idea to write an outline where you will write down the main points that you will be discussing in your assignment. This will help you to save time and organize your ideas. Also, you will be able to search properly about the points and have an idea as to how many words will be needed in each section

● Provide a proper introduction where you will briefly state what your assignment is about and what you will be discussing in the content. Mention why you are doing it and how you are going to proceed.

● Remember to check on continuity of the assignment. There should be proper links in between the paragraphs else you might get lost as to what you have written before. The link to ideas and thoughts must be maintained.

● Avoid using the words ‘I’ and ‘You’. Try using other words to express the same idea.

● Restrict the use of bullets and numbering. Do not use repetitive words. Instead use simple compact sentences keeping it grammatically correct.

● Use examples where ever needed to show that you understood the topic completely.

● Provide tables and figures. They impart information more that words.

● The conclusion is the last point where you get a chance to impress your professor. Write it well. It must say what the aim was, summarize the main points and put the final verdict.

After you have done your assignment, check for the following things before submission:

● See that you have given a proper title that supports the subject and topic of your assignment. Try to make it catchy so that the person who grades it will have the interest to go through it. Do not give such a title that keeps your professor in too much suspense. The idea is to make the title catchy that summarizes your work. Give a proper introduction as to what is the subject of the assignment and why you are doing it. Provide a proper conclusion as well so that it summarizes the entire writing.

● Maintain the word count provided by your professor. It might exceed or lessen a little but too much won’t fetch good grades. There is a notion among students that if they write more that the specified word limit then the teacher will be impressed. Experts put a big no to it. So limit yourself to the word limit.

● Check that you have provided an answer to every question and sub questions that you have put forward. Never leave them unanswered.

● Check the fact that the evidence source is provided for every claim. Highlight the claims and evidence. That will make your professor notice it more. With this provide an observation on the aspect of each evidence source and whether this can be applied in your country.

● Reference is one very important thing that must be taken care of. Every table and figures must have a reference. References must be provided for all the evidence whether it is opinions, articles or websites. You will need to clearly state your own thoughts as well as the other person’s thoughts. A list of references must be provided at the end of the assignment. Remember to put acknowledgements and attributes wherever necessary. It reflects your effort.

● The last and the most important thing to remember is to check for plagiarism. Do not just copy and paste from other people’s work. Even if you have to write the same thing, rewrite it in your own words. Plagiarism might lead you to suspension as university rules are strict.

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