How to Write Incredible Amazon Product Descriptions That Sells?

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If your product competes directly with a product listed on Amazon — which is the case for most products today — it's time to create your product listing in Seller Central. According to a Wunderman Thompson Commerce research, 63% of consumers in important e-commerce markets begin their online buying searches on Amazon.

However, the success of your brand on Amazon is dependent on your understanding and skill to Amazon content writing that do three things:

  • Attract buyers' attention.

  • Persuade them that your product is the best choice.

  • Convert them into customers through purchases and subscriptions.

5 Pointers for Writing Enticing Amazon Product Descriptions

You must also understand and follow Amazon's product description writing requirements. Getting all of these things properly is more complex than it appears.

1. Understand What an Amazon Product Description Writing Is and Isn’t

Amazon's Seller Central provides a plethora of information to help vendors succeed. Perhaps more crucially, it explains precisely what Amazon wants and demands in product descriptions and listings. Your product description should help the client comprehend your product, especially its distinctive characteristics and benefits.

Here are some crucial things that Amazon content writing emphasizes:

  • A brief, honest, and approachable summary of your product's applications and place in its category.

  • Product features and benefits, with an emphasis on its distinctive traits.

  • Written clearly and concisely to assist buyers in understanding the product.

  • Examines the optimum uses for the product.

  • Before submitting, make sure your grammar is correct.

  • It is not appropriate to acknowledge or feature competitors.

  • Only text with a limited number of characters is permitted.

  • Follow all of Amazon's guidelines.

Amazon product description writing is not the place to:

  • Stuff keywords carelessly.

  • Contrast your product with competitors' offerings or plagiarize their listings.

  • Promote your third-party website.

  • Create detailed descriptions of your goods.

  • Include information about your business or any things you sell.

2. The Benefits of the Product Should Be the Focus of Your Ecommerce Copywriting

When it comes to selling your products on Amazon, it's all about the benefits of your product, not so much about the product specifications. Let's review Amazon's three-section framework again to see how you may apply it to your Amazon product description writing.

Make One Main Benefit the Focus of Your Amazon Product Title

While Amazon allows for a 200-character restriction for product titles, you should strive for 80 characters or less to do more with less. 

Product Highlights

Your significant product features section should concentrate on the top five product benefits that your buyers are most interested in. Consider how the buyer will utilize this section: they will swiftly read through and weigh each feature about what the product needs to perform. This is where a buyer persona comes in handy for copywriting; we'll go over what one is and how to use one in the following section.

Product Information

In your Amazon product description writing, you inform the buyer how your product will benefit them.

This is where you may expand on your core product features and provide other features and benefits that the buyer will be interested in. 

3. Appeal to Your Audience as Well as Amazon

We discussed Amazon's standards for product listings, as well as how Amazon expects you to use and format your product descriptions. Following these rules can help Amazon rank and promote your listings favorably.

Consider Your Target Audience

It's also critical to strike a balance between satisfying Amazon product description writing requirements and knowing and capturing the attention of your target audience. Creating a buyer persona before you begin authoring is a beautiful method. A buyer persona will provide a complete description of someone in your target demographic.

Because there are various types of people in your consumer base, you may need to design several buyer personas to target everyone. This is one of the most effective methods for keeping your product description focused on your clients' priorities rather than your own.

4. Keep Product Descriptions Short and Easy to Read

Regarding product descriptions, two of the finest copywriting tips to follow are to keep it basic and optimize for reader scannability.

Your section on major product features is already formatted as a bulleted list. Here, you should highlight your product's top five features and benefits while remaining brief and as descriptive as possible. Each item should expand on the user experience, and each header should be designed, brief, and written with the buyer persona at the forefront to attract attention rapidly. 

Format Your Product Description with Bullet Points

Your main product description includes HTML formatting skills to break up the text block and use bullets to help the customer identify each highlighted benefit and feature more readily. Make sure to start each shot with a capital letter; your main goal should be to persuade the user to buy. Effective bullet points will help emphasize crucial words, which we'll discuss in a later section. You may also use Amazon's A+ Content option to take your bullet points to the next level in your product description.

5. Use Enhanced Brand Content (Ebc) Or A+ Content to Boost Conversion Rates

Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content feature, currently known as A+ Content, is available only to professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners. This feature allows sellers to improve their product descriptions and create a "brand content" section that displays their distinct brand and story.

  • With Amazon product description writing, vendors and sellers can circumvent character limits.

  • Enhanced photos, comparison charts, and videos are used.

  • Can incorporate a more comprehensive FAQ

  • It is a free and limitless function.

A+ Content helps you to produce Amazon content writing that helps buyers comprehend the benefits of your product, promote your brand, and successfully communicate the value of your product to customers. These advantages improve your conversation rates, leading to increased sales.

Outsource Amazon Product Description Writing Services!

As a small business owner selling on Amazon, you wear many hats, including inventory management and product quality control, as well as marketing yourself and your products. And if you're a huge corporation looking to grow your presence across channels, you'd want techniques that deliver so you can focus on scaling. In either instance, Vserve is the best option. 

You can be confident that by outsourcing your Amazon product description writing services to Vserve Amazon Listing Service, your marketing content will be accurate, appealing to customers, and will help your product rank higher.

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