How To Write A Book: Here Are Some Tips To Pitch, Publish And Advance Your Career

by Brijesh S. Digital Marketer

Every successful career is powered by that one prominent force or push. It can be a person you look up to, a motivational speech, or a book that makes you want to push the boundaries and put in that extra kick of determination to bring about a success story. 

But imagine this: how does writing a book about your career sound to you? It is the place where you can address an audience that is still in the struggling phase from which you have emerged victorious. Your journey and experiences can help them find answers to their long-searched questions.

Moreover, your book can give your career a much-needed boost. The journey that you have undergone to come up to your current place is both an inspiration for others and an acknowledgment of the growth you have seen on the professional front. 

Writing a book that talks about your challenges and your methods to overcome them can push your career in unthinkable ways. It is your ticket to create a recognized niche for yourself in the world, garner people’s attention, generate more clients, and bag invites to podcasts and speaking engagements.

Word-of-mouth marketing to promote a business is the most ancient and sought-after means. When you publish a book online, people will read it, pass it on, or recommend it to others. It gives an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

With an online ebook maker, you can easily draft your book to induce your business. The undisputed truth is that writing a book will, in all respect, grow your business beyond measure. Keep reading to acquaint yourself with tips to write a book about your career.

Tips To Pitch, Publish And Advance Your Career By Writing A Book

Mastering The Pitch

Although the object of a meeting with a potential client and having your book read by people is the same, the only difference lies in the mode of delivery.

Much like you pitch in front of a client, your book pitches your business to its readers. Your book must go along the lines of your prominent achievements as a professional to establish yourself as an authority and gain clients.

  • Adopt a problem-solving approach keeping your target audience in mind, as it is hands down the best way to go. For instance, address a problem your readers are facing and offer the best solution. 

  • The titles and awards you have won will give a head-start to your book. 

  • A notable contribution to writing a career-oriented book is the generation of leads. When you publish a book online, people will read it or at least have a glance at the cover. It increases your brand presence. With ebooks that offer hyperlinks to your company’s website, lead generation becomes all the easier. 

The Platform

Early marketing leads the way to a best-seller. While you are writing your book, engage in creating a market for it. A magnanimous online presence through a recognized platform is perfect. 

What would be more suitable than leveraging social media when we live in the age of LinkedIn, Instagram, and podcasts?

  • Self-publishing is another eminent tool that can help your book attract agents and publishers. 

  • Ample research would help you know which platform accepts submissions without agents and make the most of it. 

  • The only way to attract reputed publishers is by excelling on a platform. 

  • The most you can make out of a 20-second visit by a prospective client to your website is by extracting his contact information. Most website visits are a one-time affair. Offering a limited-time subscription or a part of your book for free through email can help you build your email list. You can stay in touch with your website visitors in the future through the email information they put in.

The Writing

The most crucial part of publishing a book is to put that proverbial pen to paper. When you decide to write a book, taking out time each day to make some progress is a silent promise you make to yourself. 

  • Build a routine and incorporate writing time into it for faster and better results. 

  • Irregular writing can slow you down, create writer’s block, and also make you fail deadlines. 

  • Becoming a part of a writers’ community. Once you finish writing, you can circulate your book in the community to gain a fresh perspective and welcome feedback to enable you to tie up loose ends. 

  • With all that said and done, go through your final draft one last time before hiring the help of a professional editor. Editing is a significant step that needs due attention before you pitch to find an agent. 

  • Writing a book about your business is a clear indication of expertise in your field of work. It establishes you as an authority and catapults your brand visibility. Client meetings are most likely to cast a lasting impression when you have a book to offer instead of a business card that often gets lost in the shuffle. Your sales pitch and services get due attention when you have a published book. 

Fiction Books

The market for fiction books is on the rise. Publishers go after what sells. Thus, if you can offer an unforgettable story embellished with plot twists and adventure, you multiply the chances of finding a publisher. 

The Endnote

Writing a book is undoubtedly a great way to advance your career. When you make digital books a part of your marketing strategy, the chances of creating a remarkable clientele increase.

It goes without saying that with a published book, your business is bound to make some extra bucks with the sale of each copy. Moreover, the sales of your book will also facilitate the increase in the primary revenue of your business.

In other words, instead of spending money on marketing, you are making money from the adopted marketing strategy. 

The COVID-19 pandemic drew more and more people to books. Hence, it is the perfect time to leverage digital books to pitch, polish, and let your career skyrocket.

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If you want to write a book to boost your career, here are some tips to help you get started. First, list the benefits that a book can bring you in terms of credit, notoriety and knowledge transfer. Next, narrow your focus and choose your writing time. It is important to write regularly and to find a place where you can write.
To find the strength to finish your first book, here are some tips: set clear goals, establish a realistic schedule and find moral support. It's also important not to get discouraged by obstacles and to persevere to the end.
Once your book is written, it is time to publish it. To do this, choose the title of your book carefully and write a catchy pitch. You can then choose to publish your book in the traditional way or self-publish it. In either case, it is important to promote your book to ensure its success.
In summary, writing a book can be a great way to boost your career. To do this, it is important to narrow your focus, write regularly and find moral support. Once your book is written, choose the title carefully and promote your book to ensure its success.
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