How To Win PUBG Only 20 Minute

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Our PUBG how to win solo guide contains some of the best ways to get kills, survive and increase your chances of winning a solo match.

Heading into a match of PUBG on your own is a daunting affair, as you’ll be going up against 99 other players in a fight to the death. You’ll need to navigate a vast map, search for powerful gear and wipe out those who cross your path in the early, mid and late game - it’s far from easy.


Not only is there a lot to think about, but increasing your odds of survival in PUBG is largely down to holding your nerve. Unlike duos and squads, you won’t have anyone else to back you up or help you make decisions. It’s only you calling the shots and it’s being confident enough to do so.

To help you navigate the intensity of a solo match and equip you with the tools to net some Chicken Dinners, we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks that’ll help you get better at every aspect of the game.


We’d love to hear some of the strategies you’ve come up with, so just let us know in the comments section below and we might feature them in the article!

When you’re done here, our huge PUBG guide contains everything you could possibly need to know about the game

PUBG: Solo advice


  • Remember that buildings can be a deathtrap and it’s extremely easy for an enemy to camp you in a building - especially if there’s no escape route other than stairs. What’s more, enemies could be waiting outside for you to waltz out with all your precious new loot.
  • We wouldn’t recommend hiding away in a rickety little shack as they’re vulnerable to grenades and don’t really offer you any distinct advantages. For instance, you’ll be forced to awkwardly open the door if you spot someone and it’ll increase the odds of someone else spotting you out in the open with nowhere safe to retreat.
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  • Navigating the edge of the circle has its disadvantages and advantages. First, it’s quite effective for picking off enemies who are desperately running into the circle and you can often catch those in the center off guard with a flanking maneuver. However, the main drawback is that you can greatly increase your travel distance if the next circle isn’t kind. This’ll increase your chances of running through a hotly contested zone and ultimately dying.
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  • Always be pro-active when it comes to the circle, plan your movements so you’ve always got plenty of time to reposition.
  • Look for spots that’ll give you the high ground advantage or find an area which’ll give you an opportunity to start flanking enemies. It’s important that you’re never in one place for too long and always aiming to one-up your opponents.
  • Use audio cues to your advantage. Hear frequent gunshots? Use them to close in and get the drop on an enemy.
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  • Be wary of landing in the center of populated areas if you're gunning for the win. You'll face a lot of stiff opposition and there's no guarantee you'll stumble into good loot. Sometimes it's best to head to a quieter area and work your way into a match, rather than start things off all guns blazing and potentially accelerate your demise.


  • Constantly ask yourself: Will this fight place me in a better position to win the game? It’s crucial that you’re not picking fights for the sake of it, but making aggressive moves with a purpose.
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  • If you manage to reach the final three, you should try and avoid conflict unless it’s an absolute must. This period of the match is all about gathering as much information as possible. Knowing where enemies are is key to bagging that Chicken Dinner!
  • Once you’ve been involved in a firefight, make sure you reposition as players will be aware of your location.
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  • When you’re approaching the final couple of circles, it’s a good idea to pop a few booster items as it’ll replenish your health if you’re caught in a pinch and don’t have time to whip out Bandages and Med-Kits.
  • Beelining towards Supply Crates is a huge risk. While grabbing a super powerful weapon has its payoffs, you’re also at huge risk of being spotted and getting gunned down - be careful!
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