How to Use Technology to Engage Customers

by Jordan McDowell Content Strategist

For the best customer experience, technology can help you to change the way you do business by tailoring your processes to what your customers need. Depending on your business, incorporating technology may involve something as simple as updating your communication campaigns, or it may be more in-depth, such as analyzing the behavior of your customers. Once you realize how many different types of customer service technology are available to you, you can improve your business processes, enhance your business plan, and increase brand awareness across the board.

Bring Something Extra to the Table

Customer experience technology can do more than allow you to engage with your customers. It also allows you to please your customers, which is often the difference between a one-shot customer and someone who keeps coming back again and again.

To that end, you can use technology to bring a little something extra to your customers. Nearly anything can work in this endeavor. For example, you can use mobile car wash equipment to turn something as simple as a car wash into a magical experience. Smart lighting in a store is a small touch that can delight your customers. Other types of technology, such as helpful apps that allow customers to take care of business virtually, can also enhance the experience of every customer or potential customer who visits your business.

Make Your Business More Efficient

Naturally, you can use customer service technology that benefits you and your business, as well. When things run smoothly, it’s always better for the consumer. There are several types of technology that can increase the efficiency of your business while speeding up the process for your visitors, as well.

For instance, whether you own a clothing shop or sell insurance, you can introduce updated point-of-sales systems that allow your guests to schedule a time to work with your employees personally. This technology is helpful in many industries, but it can be especially advantageous at banks, doctors’ offices, and other businesses that require one-on-one attention between customers and employees.

Giving customers a choice is sometimes the magic key to turning them into loyal consumers. When given the freedom to decide when they checkout or meet with an employee, they appreciate the convenience, as well as the option to save time. This type of technology increases the efficiency of your employees by ensuring that they always know who’s coming in and what they need to do to help those visitors.

Give Your Customers Something Worthwhile

Customers who receive rewards are happy customers. To ensure the best customer experience with technology, you need to sweeten the deal. The odds are good that you’re already accustomed to providing your loyal base with coupons and discounts delivered via email or through direct mailing campaigns, but technology can make things easier and increase your reach, all without spending much money. Consider using QR codes and similar tech to offer information and deals to consumers. The ability to receive a discount code or important updates simply by opening the camera on their smartphone is a convenience that will leave many customers satisfied.

Create a Personalized Experience

Customer service technology allows you to curate tailored, personalized experiences for each of your guests. If you have an eCommerce shop or a website, then you can use augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology to target existing customers and potential customers with ads that will appeal to them. Not only can you get in front of them while they browse your website, but you can even use ad platforms and similar types of technology to reach out to prospective buyers as they search the web or check out competitors and adjacent businesses.

Simplify the Process

You can also improve the customer experience with technology by simplifying the buying process. Many banks, for instance, now have apps that allow members to sign and deposit checks virtually. They can transfer money in the blink of an eye rather than waiting in line or making an appointment.

Queue management software can offer benefits, too. Once again, any time that customers can choose when they check out or schedule an appointment, they’re happy to do so. The secret is to step it up a notch by employing technology that ensures no customers will have to wait. If their appointments are running behind, then they receive alerts, allowing them to continue with their day until they’re able to meet with someone.

Improve Customer Service

By using customer service technology, you have the chance to analyze how your customers behave and why. Some programs will allow you to analyze when customers leave your store without buying anything, what stops the checkout process, and where you may be able to change your processes for your customers.

Enhancing the customer experience with technology isn’t difficult. It simply depends on choosing the right technology. Do any of these ideas appeal to your business?

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