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by Ashley Nicole Crypto Customer Care
The world has started to use digital assets and currency because their value increases every year. So, people who invest and trade cryptocurrency will get the best return in a short time. Unlike before, people have different ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It includes cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs. Rockitcoin ATM is one of the trusted and reliable names in bitcoin ATM. It helps you to purchase and sell bitcoins easily and quickly.

You will find more than 1500 Bitcoin ATMs in the cities and towns throughout the U.S. Every kiosk allows you to purchase bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin with cash. It also gives the freedom of delivering the coins to your wallets for safety. On the other hand, you can use this ATM to sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for cash. These features make the machine one of the fastest and most reliable ways to turn cryptocurrency into cash and vice versa.

Are you very much impressed with the RockItCoin ATM? Do you want to use this machine to meet your demands? If yes, then read this guide until the end. 

How To Purchase Bitcoin Using The RockitCoin ATM

Rockitcoin atm makes it simpler and straightforward to purchase bitcoins than ever before. It means anyone can use this kiosk to purchase the bitcoins as per their needs effortlessly. Since all the transactions are cash-based, you do not require a credit card to complete the purchase decision. As soon as you reach the ATM location, you will get the prompt of what to do next.

Following the instructions carefully will help you to complete the purchase transaction easily. Remember that you should have a bitcoin wallet and complete the set-up procedure before visiting the RockItCoin ATM. It helps you purchase more than 47 tokens using cash in a short time. Here are the major steps involved in buying the bitcoin using RockItCoin ATM.

At first, you should find and visit the RockItCoin ATM located nearby your place. Since 1000+ ATMs are available around the country, you will surely find one closer to your destination. You can use the location pages on the official site of the RockItCoin ATM to find the nearest one easily.

After reaching the ATM, you should tab “buy coins” on the screen and choose the amount of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies you wish to buy. You can purchase as small as $20 and as much as $9000 worth of cryptos from this ATM.

Then, enter your phone number and secret PIN or SMS code. It helps you perform identity verification because a bitcoin purchase needs some form of verification. Apart from the phone number, you will render the government-issued ID.

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase. For example, if you choose bitcoin, proceed with the further steps. Keep in mind that the process for buying any crypto coins in this ATM is the same. You should ensure that your wallet address matches with the current you choose. Doing this correctly will help you to avoid hassles.

Now, you can either enter the address of your digital wallet or even scan it through a QR code to avoid issues. Bitcoin ATMs send the cryptocurrencies to the digital wallet once you make the purchase decision. Many users choose the QR code method as a manual option increases the chance of error. When scanning QR codes, you have to hold the device in front of the red light and adjust it until the scanner reads the code properly. 

Always double-check the wallet address displayed on the ATM matches with the address on your phone because crypto transactions are irreversible. If everything is correct, press “this is my personal bitcoin wallet” on the kiosks.

Next, you should insert the cash required to purchase the amount of bitcoins you choose to buy earlier. Once you witness the green blink on the ATMs bill acceptor, you can place your bills to pay for your coins. Then, the screen will display the wallet address again to check it. 

As soon as you feed the cash into the bill acceptor, the ATM screen will showcase the amount you insert and the corresponding amount of bitcoin. Those coins will send to your wallet address. Finally, tap finish and take your receipt. 

Usually, the bitcoin transactions will take about 10minutes to 1hours to reflect on your wallet. So, wait for some time and then enjoy your crypto coins.

How To Sell The Bitcoin Using RockitCoin ATM

Not all crypto users keep the bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for longer because some want to take its benefits soon. So, it is mandatory to know how to sell bitcoins using Rockitcoin atm. It helps you to complete the transaction easily and earns a big profit. 

The bitcoin value has been going up and down for over a decade. But, in recent times, the price has been in a hike. Thus, many users wish to sell some part of their coins. If you are one of those people, then use these steps.

As said earlier, ensure you have the wallet and reach the nearby RockItCoin ATM. Then, choose “withdraw cash” on the screen.

Then, you will take to a page where you have to choose the range of bitcoins you wish to sell. 
Next, enter your phone number for verification purposes. Ensure you read and understand the lettering mentioned below in bright red. Once you read it, continue further.

Now, you will be asked to enter your secret PIN. Choose the crypto coin you wish to sell and the amount of money you want to withdraw. For instance, you have to choose bitcoin and $20.

The screen will display the QR code. You have to scan this code using your digital wallet on your mobile. It will auto-fill all the needed information like the address the coins are sending and the exact amount sent to the address to fund the withdrawal. You should not change the amount you send because it could result in a delay. 

Confirm the transaction and wait for minutes to get the message that you are ready to redeem. That’s enough! You can choose the redeem option and claim the fund immediately.

Benefits Of Using RockItCoin ATM

BitcoinItCoin ATM allows you to purchase and sell more than 47 coins with cash. Having a phone number is enough to do any transaction easily and quickly.

With the excellent Rockitcoin atm Customer Service, users will immediately get a solution for their query. The customer service executive will help you whenever you reach them through call or message.

The huge availability of ATMs across the country helps you make crypto transactions without confronting too much hassle.

It is much easier to use RockItCoin ATM compared to the traditional ATMs. It does not need a bank account or debit/credit card to buy the coins. Use the cash to purchase whatever coins you want.

You do not require to wait for days to get the coins like online exchanges. Within a few minutes, you will purchase and sell cryptocurrencies easily.

In terms of security, RockItCoin ATMs are the best because it never keeps copies of your private keys.

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