How to Use Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Commands on Xbox One

by Jack Arona Computer Service

Using the Xbox One voice command has several pros as you can even enable Alexa assistance or Google Voice assistance. You can do so with your command using your smart speaker and headset microphones and also avail of its multifunction features easily. In this blog, you can find everything that helps you to attach your Xbox One with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.

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1) How to Launch Smart Speaker With Xbox One

If you have recently bought Amazon Echo speaker and wish to use Alexa’s assistant with your Xbox one, first, you need to enable digital assistant features on Xbox One.

Here are the steps on how to attach Alexa voice assistant with your Xbox One:-

  1. Double click on the Xbox icon key on Controller.
  2. Choose Setting, it is shown as a gear icon.
  3. Choose all Settings.
  4. Choose Kindest and Devices.
  5. Choose Digital assistants.
  6. Hit the A button on the controller to turn on the digital assistance.

2) Setting up a Smart Speaker Among Xbox One

If you wish to practice Alexa voice assistance, then you only need a smart speaker. Or you need an application on smartphones. Remember one thing this service only possible in a few resigns.

Here are the steps to setting up a smart speaker with Xbox One:-

  1. First, launch the corresponding features on your smart speaker.
  2. Tap on the activate Alexa Xbox skill and the tap on find and activate Google assistant.
  3. Here you need to log in with your Xbox-connected Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Account service to use them.
  4. Follow the steps in every corresponding application, and then choose to enable you to attach your smart speaker to your stereo.

3) Here Are the Lists of Xbox-Specific Voice Commands

If you are using a mobile device or smart speaker connected with Alexa’s assistant or Google assistant, use your stereo say “Hey Alexa or Hey Google,” Ask Xbox to or tell Xbox run by your command.

1) Turn on Xbox as follow:-

  • Start my Xbox One
  • Xbox turn on
  • Turn on Xbox
  • Turn on my Xbox One

2) Turn off Xbox as follow:-

  • Switch off my Xbox
  • Xbox One off
  • Reboot Xbox
  • Turn off

3) Capturing game footage as follow:-

  • Take a screenshot of the current screen
  • Stop broadcasting
  • Record the closing minutes
  • Record that
  • Broadcast

4) Find works your friend recently doing as follow:-

  • What is gamer tag or actual name doing
  • Is gamer tag or actual title online?

5) Invite friends for parties as follow:-

  • Invite gamer tag or actual title within a party
  • open a party with gamer tag or real name

6) Message send

  • Forward a message to gamer tag or real name

7) Choose an item on Screen as follow:-

  • Select
  • Select mode when you’ve closed making a selection, say, “stop listening.”
  • Make a selection

8) Opening application and Game as follow:-

  • Open (application game name)
  • Snap (application name)
  • Go to (application game name)

9) Switch between close snapped application as follow:-

  • Switch
  • Unsnap
  • Change view

10) Media Control as follow:-

  • Pause
  • Fast forward
  • Play
  • Rewind

11) TV controls as follow:-

  • Watch or go to TV
  • Watch say channel name
  • Open or show One Guide
  • Volume up to increase
  • Volume down to decrease
  • Mute video or program

12) General Navigation as follow:-

  • Run home, to back to the dashboard.
  • Show/go to my Friends List
  • Back, to cycle behind by previous actions.
  • Show or open a guide to open the Xbox quick guide.
  • Show or open notifications
  • preview or open menu, to open menus in certain apps.

13) Signing in as follow:-

  • Log in as gamer tag or name
  • Log out

14) Search the Xbox Store

  • Search the store for an application or enter a game name
  • Search the store for movie name or TV show title

15) Help What do I need to say?

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