Call of Duty: Warzone Player Wins Without Using Explosives and Guns

by Jack Arona Computer Service

Call of Duty: Warzone is the favorite game of many just because the game never stops evolving. On the internet, you can find various tactics to learn, load-outs, weapon stats, and ways to win. Recently a PlayStation player won without firing a single bullet, explosive and using any vehicle. Now this challenge is being called the Stealth Challenge, and it is quite difficult. Players have to do the same, but they end up using some weapons and by staying at the edge of the circle. Several players have shared their stats and knowledge to help the community at the competition.

SOURCE:-Call of Duty: Warzone Player Wins Without Using Explosives and Guns

The Redditor bjenks2011 interestingly won their first Warzone match. They took the gun, the riot shield, knives and a few melee weapons. Even with all these weapons, there were no bullets fired at the match. No C4 or grenades were  thrown either. There was no vehicle used in the match. Well, this helps players when they have no fuel in the vehicle or when they can’t find the vehicle.

Stealth experts used melee or execution to take down every enemy that they came across. After one kill by melee, the stealth was back on track. The Stealth Challenge finished along with a stunning 10 kills with the help of throwing a knife and shield to the final solo player.

In the match of Warzone, a lot of things are based on luck. In the match, there were moments when enemies knew they were getting chased by the stealth assassin, and that’s what helps him to win. Another thing was in the spotlight when bjenks2011 got back from Gulag and landed over a loadout. So it was overall a pretty impressive win through some skills and luck.

After the pretty great win and a great record, some commenters on the Reddit post were trying to talk bjenks2011 into becoming a Twitch streamer. The content that was posted was creative and will help a lot of other players to adopt the technique. Some users also stated the winner might have a bright future in the streaming career.

Well, now Season 5 is on the way and expectedly there will be some interesting things released. Warzone is the most anticipated game right now, and the only thing that keeps the game interesting is evolution. From the first season to the fourth season, a lot of things have changed, expectedly there will be more in future.

Stealth challenge was a mixture of luck and skills. Killing opponents using melee weapons is not easy, but practice can make you stronger. So if you are thinking of doing the same, you need to learn how to use the melee strategically.

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