How to Track Your Child’s Tutoring Progress

by Chloe Daniel Writer and reader of education related blogs

A student’s progress can be gauged by their understanding regarding a particular subject, its concepts, and its practical implementation. A student should be well-versed in these things to grasp and clear understanding to achieve maximum learning output. Teachers play a vital role in this regard by comprehensively explaining concepts and ideas covering all the aspects of a specific subject which is quite necessary for the students to move further in the curriculum he has opted for.

Talking about schools, the teachers have to deal with a lot of students at a time thus they can not provide the required attention to a specific student. They have been given a certain timeline to cover a certain part of the syllabus. To meet the deadlines given by the institute the teachers therefore generally cannot pay attention to the problems of each of their students, which can create an obstacle in the way of learning.

To overcome this barrier, Online/ home tutoring comes into play and the student can get a better opportunity to learn and discuss the areas he thinks he lacks with his tutor. The Tutor has a greater opportunity to gauge his student's performance and can work on those areas where there is room for improvement.

However to assess the tutoring progress of your child the parents should actively participate and involve in the evaluation of the student as it can tell a lot about the tutoring methods. It can be helpful to determine whether the teacher can meet the goals set by the parents to achieve the desired results.

The parents are obliged to have a check on the tutor's performance as they are spending a considerable amount and more importantly the student’s future is at stake. In schools, parent-teacher meetings are conducted to discuss and gauge the child’s performance but in private tutoring, the case is a bit different. In private tutoring, the parent should intervene and have an eye on the teacher’s teaching methods and performance as well.

The Below mentioned are a few things that the parents can plan and work on to gauge the tutoring performance of their children

Setting Certain Goals:

Before you opt for a private tutoring service you should define certain goals to achieve in terms of academic learning and progress. Without having a plan and set goals it would be impossible for you to gauge the tutoring progress. The goals may be defined by considering the needs of a student to get good grades, improving in a certain subject, or learning in a more challenging way to boost confidence. These determined goals would make it easy for the teacher to meet the certain needs of a student as well as it will make it more convenient for the parents to have a check on the progress.

Discussion with the Tutor:

The parents and tutor should have a session once or twice a month to discuss the areas that need improvement as well as the areas the student has become proficient in. It is necessary to have a meeting with the tutor to have complete knowledge regarding where the student stands and what can be done for further improvement.

Feedback from the Teacher:

The main motive behind tutoring is to achieve the academic success of the student. Tutors can help the student to achieve his academic goals but it is crucial to keep a check and have feedback from the school teacher as well. It will help you to understand how the student is performing in the class. The feedback of the teacher holds an important part in gauging student’s performance without any bias involved.

Talk to Your Child:

Student feedback is also crucial when it comes to the evaluation of the tutor’s performance. Speak with your child and ask them about the tutor, teaching method, and the degree of comfort to ask questions freely. It can be of great benefit in tracking the progress appropriately and asking their opinion can seek any concern or issue raised by them.


Parents can do self-evaluation of their child by taking quizzes or having a conversation in which you can ask relevant questions related to the subject and see if your child can answer them. In that way, the parents can have an appropriate idea about where the student stands academically.


Keep in mind, tutoring is a progressive endeavor and requires time in producing results. Holding unreal expectations should be avoided but it is necessary to keep track of the progress and ensure your child’s future is in safe hands.

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