How to Track your Business with HVAC Business Software?

by Joy Gomez Founder at Field Promax

The HVAC business is always on the run between the field and the office. The industry has been working in multiple regions and locations irrespective of the day and time. The companies that work within the HVAC industry have a lot of work orders, data, field professionals, finances etc to handle and track down to stay relevant within the market. Managing the organization manually exploits time and efforts with the possibilities for errors and confusions. To overcome these issues and evitable troubles, the best available solution is to adhere to a software that can solve them. 

The HVAC Business Software works towards building the business and managing all their functionalities in one place. Managing field employees is a difficult task. Schedules must be made, jobs must be monitored, equipment must be provided, stocks must be moved, field work orders must be submitted, and so on, all while ensuring correct paperwork and processing. You need a dependable method to get tasks completed as a field service provider. Field management software allows you to optimise your service-based business’s operations.


Here are some things that you can track from the comfort of your office or homes through the HVAC business software.

  • GPS

    Most HVAC management software come with GPS integrations. They help monitor and track your technicians on the field. This feature also helps field professionals find their way to the field, choose traffic-free routes, find short routes and save fuel and time. The GPS integration increases the transparency between the employee and the employer while promoting an honest dedication to the job. Customers can also view the location of the technician on the way to the designated working location. The GPS integration supports productive working and efficient guidance on the field.

GPS System for Home Automation

  • Working hours:

    Although this feature is not available on every HVAC software, the Field Promax software promotes adequate payments and the exact stipend to their professionals based on their working hours. With time card integrations within the software, field professionals can insert their checkin and check out time before and after work respectively. This helps increase billable hours when there is an exceed in the working hour estimate. The tracked working hours are included in the invoices which are approved by the customers. This ensures the authenticity of the organizations and gives customers assurance of the work done.

Working Hours for HVAC Technicians

  • Progress:

    One of the major concerns for any industry is the progress of their organization on all aspects. The HVAC business software provides regular updates on daily, weekly and monthly work orders, technician performance and revenues. The reports and dashboard features provided by the software helps keep track of all the progress based on different categories like estimates, invoices, work orders: done, cancelled, paid and in progress, field updates and other data that relate to the progress and growth of the company.

Progress for HVAC Business

  • Data:

    The HVAC business management can track and monitor all their data and documents in real time on the software. The HVAC business software comes with cloud space that holds all the data and documents in an encrypted format. The cloud along with the SaaS features of the website software allows managers in the office to view and comment on data sent from the field in real time. Companies can track their everyday data, monitor them and figure out a strategy for their upcoming day, week or month. With the help of online and instant access to data, functioning becomes easier for the HVAC business. It allows professionals and managers to access data at any time and anywhere.

  • Technicians

    The HVAC field professionals sweat day and night to make private and public spaces comfortable for the users. However, there are various things that need to be taken into consideration while managing both the field and the office at the same time. As mentioned above, organizations can track their technicians on the field using GPS features and lead them to their destination without hassle. However, the team management features are another way to keep an eye on your technician’s work progress. This progress can be in terms of the feedback from customers, and daily reports. You can also track their schedules and dispatches which can eliminate overbooking technicians or creating any kind of stress in the work space.

HVAC Technicians

  • Equipment

    The HVAC industry does not usually use heavy equipment on the field. However there are expensive and important tools used to carry out the function. The HVAC business software keeps a track of all the equipment used on the field beginning with their model number, date, owner, design, location and other designated information. This helps with creating an efficient report as well as help future technicians track and access the equipment on the field. Equipment tracking helps keep all the field equipment safe and find them hassle free for future purposes.

Equipment Tracking

These six ways of tracking different aspects of your HVAC business through the business software can ensure a spike in the progress of your functioning. The HVAC business tracking software ensures that businesses stay on top of their work orders, data, revenues etc. The different methods of tracking allow organizations to easily manage and monitor the plan to their growth and success effectively. Field Promax, as HVAC management software supports these goals endlessly. 


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