How to Tell an Authentic Designer Handbag from a Fake

by Jennifer W. Digital Marketer

Acquiring a designer bag is an excellent investment because you can use it frequently. Designer bags are made with quality materials that would make the bag last longer. But, because the prices of these bags are usually on the high side, counterfeiters make cheaper fakes. Fake designer bags 

If you want to buy an authentic Chanel bag or an authentic Hermès bag, for instance, you need to have the skill to differentiate between a genuine bag and a fake. In this article, you would be learning about some characteristics which you can use to tell an authentic designer handbag from a fake.

Four Ways to Tell an Authentic Designer Handbag from a Fake

From the quality of the bag’s materials to the parts of the handbag, there are several ways to differentiate between an authentic designer bag and its counterfeit. When buying your designer handbags, take note of the following:

1.      The Stitching

If you check your designer bag and notice that it has sloppy or uneven stitching, it is an indicator that it is not original. An authentic Chanel bag, for example, has quality stitching all around its interior and exterior. Stitching is a part of the designer’s commitment to producing quality bags. So, if the stitching is messy, it is a red flag.

2.      Logo

Handbag designers imprint their logos on their products to differentiate their bags from their competitors. The logo of a designer handbag can also help to distinguish the fake from the genuine. Authentic designer handbags have their logo plates well-printed and defined. Logos on the counterfeits, on the other hand, could have spelling errors and other mistakes. 

3.      Material’s Quality

The quality of the leather and lining of the bag can determine if a handbag is authentic or not. An authentic Hermès bag like the Hermès Birkin bag is made from the finest leather. The fake would not have such an opportunity. So, to distinguish between the two classes of bags, you pay close attention to the quality of leather or inner lining of the bag.  

4.      Prices

One of the significant pointers to know an authentic Hermès bag is the price. Hermès bags are not cheap, even when they are pre-owned. After careful research, find out the costs of a designer bag before you make a purchase. This would help you in determining the authenticity of the bag. For instance, if you find a seller who gives you a designer bag at an almost ridiculous price, you can know to be cautious.   


Knowing how embarrassing it can be to be called out for carrying a fake designer bag, this article talked about various ways you can differentiate a fake from a genuine handbag. When you want to buy your next designer or luxury handbag, such as an authentic Chanel bag, stick to this guide, and you would end up with a bag you would appreciate. Also, getting your designer handbags from the brands’ the website directly and other reliable stores would reduce the likelihood of you getting fake designer handbags. 

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