How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs?

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Human hair wigs are the next best thing to the real thing regarding appearance and comfort. You can wear your hair straight and silky one day and in bombshell curls the next, all at your discretion. There is a standard lifespan for each alternative hair wig. Wigs made from real hair can be worn daily for up to a year. To maximize your investment in human hair, you must take good care of it. Read on for advice on maintaining the silky smoothness of your human hair wigs.


Step 1: Take off any wigs that were glued or taped


Please ensure no residue is left from the hair wigs adhesive used to attach the hairpieces before washing. Some adhesive residue will be left on the wearer's scalp and the rug after removal, regardless of whether tape, wig glue, or another adhesive was used. This is not only annoying to deal with but can also make reattaching the hairpiece next to impossible. Consequently, if you care about your hair system's overall look and longevity, you should invest in quality hairpiece maintenance and adhesive cleaning tools.


Step 2: Clean human hair wigs


The water is comfortable at 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

 To begin, dilute the shampoo by pouring the right amount into a basin.

• Wash the "Reissue Block" product for about 20 seconds in the pot using mild soap and water. 

 Comb gently, avoiding the scalp and the base of the hair. Do not apply too much pressure.

 Water should be used to remove any remaining shampoo.

Since human hair that has been cut loses its nutrient source, it will continue to grow long after it has been cut. Maintaining the hair system's softness is essential, and the nourishing liquid (care solution) can help. There is no way around using the care solution (healthy liquid). You may find nutritious drinks (care solutions) in the cosmetics aisle of any major department store.


Step 3: Human hair wig aftercare


·         Use hair cream.

·         Spread the hair cream around by gently combing it in.

·         Wash the hair cream, as usual, three more times with water between 35 and 40 degrees.

·         Towel dry the drain after use. Dryness characterizes the current state of the "refilling block" product.

·         The natural, three-dimensional appearance can be achieved by reverse combing.

·         Wait around 30 minutes for it to dry naturally after placing it on the "Reissue Block" bracket.

·         Use a hairdryer if you're nervous, but remember to blow out the net's base first.

If the wig is not dried thoroughly after washing, the combination of moisture and shampoo left behind can quickly eat away at the fabric. It's also important to remember that you shouldn't comb your hair system just after washing it. After the hair system has dried, you can style it with a comb. Brush your wig with a comb made for wigs. A plastic comb is of no use to you. There is no real need to use a comb on this wig. Fix it already. Cleaning and storing the hairpiece on its stand is also necessary to keep it from bending or folding.




You cannot stress enough how crucial it is to clean your hair system properly. If you want your human hair wigs to last as long as possible, clean it well, removing any traces of the glue and the solvent. A hair system's quality and longevity will be improved if washed correctly. The advice above is useful to you and your customers.

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