How to Successfully Outsource SEO Projects?

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How to Successfully Outsource Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects?

SEO is extremely crucial to get a successful outcome for your business. But let’s face it- it requires a lot of effort, it is a brain-wracking process and doing it for all your clients can take up more time than you can imagine. If you’re a small to medium-sized business think of how much time and resources you can save if you decide to outsource SEO projects while you work further on scaling your business. We are not saying this because it’s our industry;

We are saying this because getting SEO Services from experienced individuals can help you save more than just time and effort.

In this blog, we give you a complete guide on how to successfully outsource SEO projects as we answer the following questions:

Why should you outsource SEO services?

Firstly, it’s very critical to consider the benefits that you can reap by outsourcing SEO services and the effect it’s going to have on your agency. This decision is huge and requires utter dedication and commitment from your end in order for you to gain a favorable outcome.

1. Imagine all the time you can invest in growing your business- all you need to do is focus on selling and the outsource supplier will do all the work for you! Choosing the right person to outsource SEO is the trick of the trade here. You need to make sure their methodologies align with yours; you are comfortable and of course, trust them to handle your client’s projects. Whilst they work behind the scenes, you get to pitch in more clients and expand your business.

2. Bigger knowledge pool and opening up a world of opportunities for your team – The outsourcing company you choose should be able to spread knowledge to your existing marketing team by offering training and the right resources to help them set the highest expectation with your clients and undertake the ideal SEO methodology.

3. Save up on hiring or training staff – With an outsource SEO provider you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with hiring an in-house team. You can rest assured that your work is in good hands.

4. Extensive experience in growing agencies – We know what you need when it comes to getting more leads and retaining those clients. We can provide you an entire arsenal of marketing collaterals such as pitches, proposals, mock-ups, web design and development to ensure you learn while earning.

The Outsource SEO Provider

Now that you know why you need to outsource SEO services, let’s get into the things to consider in choosing the right SEO provider. When you outsource SEO, you need to feel secure and know that your project is in good hands, that’s where we come in because we share the same ideology. Here is a list of things that will be useful in making the correct decision:

Monthly Services: Does the SEO provider have services on a monthly basis? What does it include? How much content are they providing in that time slot? You need to make sure all these points are taken care of so you get value for every dime you spend.

Analyze the SEO Packages: Do their packages cover everything that is required to meet the client’s needs and is the quality worth the price you’re paying for them in order to have a profitable result?

Support and Experience: It’s necessary to know that the right job is done by the right people. Have a one-on-one communication with them; this will give you a gist about their communication abilities as well as their knowledge.

Technology: Just outsourcing SEO services is not enough; they also need to have the necessary software’s and tools that will get your campaigns rolling.
Resources at hand: A wide knowledge base gives your agency a great head-start. The provider should be able to give you access to marketing collaterals as mentioned previously in the blog.

Big No-No’s: What should you steer clear from when choosing an Outsource SEO provider for your agency?

When choosing to outsource SEO services you need to make sure you’re hiring a company that is authorized or valid. Below we have mentioned a list of things that are huge red flags to look out for:

They Don’t adhere to Google’s guidelines: Yes, black hat techniques can get you quick results but it can also get you penalized. Don’t risk your clients and reputation! Ask for their work to ensure they work within Google’s guidelines. We work keeping the best interests of our clients in mind so all our strategies and our processes are within Google’s guidelines.

They guarantee results overnight: As much as we would like that, sadly SEO doesn’t work that way. It takes the right strategies and a lot of effort to get your website in the rankings. Positive ranking movement takes around 1-3 months and if you’re expecting the first page ranking the process is at an estimated 6-8 months. So if a provider mentions that they can get you on the first page rankings in a couple of days or weeks, cut that call!

They don’t have proof that their strategies work: At 7 Seas Solutions, we keep case studies in hand to show you the efficacy of our strategies and the clients we’ve worked for. If your provider doesn’t have proof to back up their claims, you’re better off without them.

They are not updated with the latest trends: Things in SEO are always changing. If your provider isn’t up-to-date then you’re missing out on a great value with your clients. We don’t let that take place. Our experts are always equipping themselves with new trends.

They apply the same strategy to every client: SEO should not have one-size fits all strategy. Each client’s business is different and therefore so are their needs. Our experts will communicate with your business in order to understand it in detail and customize strategies accordingly.

They don’t maintain an SEO report: SEO reports are necessary to be in the know-how of your businesses progress. We provide a report to you every month as well as provide access to real-time updates so you never miss out!

It’s necessary to contact your outsource SEO provider to come to terms with two very crucial things. First they can answer any questions you may have and second, they have great communication abilities to make you understand just what you’re getting into. So before you pick up that phone, we’ve listed a few questions you can ask your outsource provider:

Who will be working on my project?

Be aware of who is going to be handling your project, the contact person and how experienced that individual is. At 7 Seas Solutions, we provide you with a project manager to oversee your project, understand your needs and communicate that to the specialists so they can work on the strategies.

Do you align SEO with other digital marketing activities and how? 

SEO is not a stand-alone service and experts are aware that they can’t rely only on SEO. The answer that you get from your provider about this determines how they complement it whether it’s with PPC, social media, website design or both.

Who will retain ownership rights?

This is the biggest concern, as if the contract ends or if you decide to go for a new provider you have to ensure that all the work you have paid for will remain yours even after the professional relationship comes to an end. We work with our clients without a lock-in contract which means that you choose to stay with us if you want to, not that you’re entitled to! Our clients stay because they like our work not because they are locked-in.

What are the types of reports you provide?

Reports give you a chance to view how the provider maintains all the crucial progress and data and shows the results in a constructive format. At 7 Seas we provide SEO analytics reports, website audits, and proposals mentioning the details which include recommendations that should be implemented to improve the client’s websites.

Do you have any success stories?

SEO is all about results, and if your outsource SEO provider doesn’t have any to share; it’s a good time to walk away. A good outsource SEO services provider should have tons of success stories to share. If you ask us, we have a vast number of case studies and documents to share for proof. Be on your way to SEO success by starting to work with a group of individuals that provide value-added services and help your clients and you grow. With 7 Seas Solutions, we don’t only help with SEO- we make sure we take your digital business to great new heights.

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