How to Subscribe to Podcasts on Mac and iOS?

by John Martin Engineer

The podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files that can be streamed or downloaded. Podcasts provide an integrated and convenient way to manage personal consumption across various playback devices and podcasts sources. Previously you had to use iTunes for listening to podcasts, but Apple offers interesting features to its Podcasts subscribers. Now, one can easily use the Podcasts app if the user is running Catalina over Mac or using an iOS device.

Users have to select the right program and the subscription plan so that they can manage and avail premium features of subscription. To do so, pursue these instructions:

Using Podcasts App on Smartphone

First and foremost, you have to check for some available podcasts through the Podcasts app that is built into the section of iPadOS, iOS and Apple Watch. In order to use the Podcasts app on your phone, follow these steps.

§  In the beginning, launch the Podcasts app on the device.

§  Then, hit the Browse tab located at the lowermost section of the display to browse the podcasts option “New and noteworthy.”

§  In case you wish to search for the particular podcasts by topic and name, hit the Search tab and then enter keywords to describe the particular podcasts you wish to seek.

§  Now, press the podcasts option of your choice.

§  After some time, you will be prompted to the primary screen, then press the name of the specific episode to begin streaming. In case you like the particular podcasts, you may subscribe to it by hitting the tab “Subscribe.” It means every new episode has been downloaded as it becomes available and displays in the podcasts listings.

§  Then, you have to download various episodes on your device by tapping the “+” signed tab.

§  After that, press the cloud icon located just after the name of the specific episode. Once the episode downloaded successfully, hit the Play tab there.

§  Next, press the Library tab situated at the lowermost section of the display to view all the available podcasts that you currently subscribed to.

§  You may view or sort podcasts by various filter options such as by shows, recently updated, downloaded episodes, or simply by episodes.

Note: In case you want to listen to particular podcasts audio offline, you need to download the same manually.

§  If you wish to download a particular episode, hit the cloud tab located just after the download option.

§  Then, long press on the particular episode to manage your selections. From the prompt-up menu, you may delete the specific download of your choice.

§  Next, navigate to the show tab and then play the episode later and then save it and mark it as played.

§  You may also manage the subscription to the entire podcasts by hitting the purple coloured ellipsis tab.

§  Once the pop-up appears, you may easily share the podcasts, subscribe and unsubscribe from it and then play it next, remove any podcasts option from your Library and can copy the link to it.

§  You may also hit Settings to manage the podcasts further.

§  Now, you may turn the switches on or off to view new episodes and notifications for the particular podcasts that you have subscribed to.

§  Go to the Episodes panel and manage the order in which you viewed and played the episodes. You may opt it to play these audios in a sequence. You may play the recent podcasts audio and keep the recently used episodes.

§  Hit the option Custom Settings to make even more changes.

§  Navigate to the Custom Settings tab and then modify and manage the order of the episodes from the old ones to the newest. You may also set up download settings for fresh episodes, all Unplayed episodes, no episodes as per your interest.

Note: If you have selected the “All Unplayed” option, you can easily download the entire episodes that you wish to hear instead of hearing and downloading each one.

§  You may also select the delete episode option or keep most recent episodes for further use. You have other options such as limiting the number; refresh podcasts episodes according to your time slot such as weekly, 6 hours, or by customization methods manually.

§  Once you are all done, hit the Done tab there.

§  Finally, press the Listen Now icon located at the lowermost section to listen to the upcoming episode of the particular subscribed podcasts.


Using Podcasts App on Mac Devices

Follow these guidelines if you wish to use Podcasts app over your Mac device:

§  At the start, launch the Podcasts application on your Mac running with MacOS Catalina.

§  Then, tap the entries for browsing options and then press the Charts button to see various podcasts options.

§  To find the specific podcasts, enter the keywords into the search bar section.

§  Now, launch podcasts of your choice and then press the Subscribe button there.

§  After that, press the entry menu for expanding various Shows options from the Library situated at the left-hand side section.

§  Hit the particular Podcasts that you wish to manage.

§  Now, apply right-click over the individual episode for downloading or deleting the same.

§  Then, save it and then run other related commands.

§  Press the ellipsis tab to unsubscribe it from the podcast. Then, remove the same from the available Library and then perform other mandatory tasks.

§  Go to the menu tab and then hit the Settings option to sort the episodes and manage downloaded and played episodes.


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