How to Study More in Less Time?

by Amit Gupta Education Blogger

Students of today always seem to be running around. There’s school, assignments were given by teachers, projects to complete by the end of the month and exams to prepare for. The days do not get any longer and students lose their sleep with all the added pressure. The main reason for a hectic schedule is decreased productivity where a task takes more time to complete than it should have. The solution to academic pressure is not to blame the system or competition but to improve your method of studying.

You can cover more subjects in less time by following these simple tricks which will help you to increase your productivity. Read on and never ever stress out over excess work.

  1. Keep changing your study area

Research has shown that studying something in a new environment helps the brain to associate that information with that space. This helps you to recall better and eliminates the necessity of extra revision. The best schools in Gurgaon have huge campuses for this very reason so that their students have the freedom to study anywhere. So, make use of your school area and diversify your study space.

  1. Never multitask while studying

Our brain takes time to switch from one task to the other and this eats away a lot of valuable minutes. If you have set your mind on mathematics, focus on it for the next hour and do not start researching your science project in between two sums. Going to science and coming back is actually killing time and it will add on with more tasks that you take on. Keep your focus on the task at hand and shift only when done.

  1. Revisit your subjects on the go

If you study something today and have to read it again after two days, it is actually like doing the same work twice. Instead, you can improvise on the way you revise and cut down on your study time. For instance, you can teach a topic to a friend in school that you had studied the day before and start a new subject later instead of revising the old one. You may visit the science museum to revise your topics or watch a YouTube video about history.

  1. Form the habit of writing down your notes

Instead of simply listening to the teacher in class, develop the habit of taking notes. Studies have shown that when you actually write something down, your mind tends to remember it better. The best CBSE school in Gurgaon encourage their students to take handwritten notes during classes which substantially reduce the study time back home. If you remember what you wrote, you will naturally have to devote less time to that subject.

  1. Allow yourself to take regular breaks

The mind can only work continuously for one and a half hours after which it starts to slow down. Instead of pushing it, take a ten-minute break after every fifty minutes. This will make your hours more productive as the mind is refreshed for the next round and you will complete your tasks faster. But do keep in mind not to extend your break time into the working hours. Be disciplined about the timing and you will complete more than you had intended to.

  1. Indulge in group study from time to time

Take any school from the list of top 10 schools in India, you will see that there are dedicated spaces to allow students to study in groups. It takes less time to understand something from a friend rather than doing it on your own. You may also ask for specific information, clear out a sum you are stuck with or borrow a better book than you already have. Asking for help takes less time than doing your own research.

More time is never equal to better study. You can finish a subject in an hour and enjoy the next and still get good grades. Top schools like Alpine Convent School encourages its students to increase productivity than slog behind multiple subjects for hours. Such institutes counsel the students to study better in less time and use the extra minute to indulge elsewhere.

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