How To Store Perfume In Hot Weather?

by Dhanu Singh Digital Marketing Consultant

Like any other skincare or makeup product, if perfumes are not stored properly, they can get damaged. Fragrances have a complex chemical composition. There is a delicate balance between alcohol concentration and perfume essence. It helps the scent to work correctly. It can affect the perfume if the scents are not stored in the right way. This situation can become worse during the summer season. Your perfume will start smelling different too. You can prevent all this by storing them correctly. If you are not sure how to store them especially in the hot weather, here are some tips for you,

Avoid Keeping Them In The Car:

It is common for perfume users to keep their perfumes and deodorants in cars for urgent use. This might make the scent handy to you, making it available, it can damage the scent. Perfume molecules can disrupt because of the heat in the car. Avoid keeping any kind of makeup, skincare, or luxury perfumes in the car during summer. Your car's temperature can rise up to 10 degrees when it is parked somewhere. This will kill your scent and make it smell weird.

Do Not Store In Bathrooms:

We know that spraying perfumes or deodorants should be the first thing you do right after the shower. But it is better to do it after you come out of the bathroom. Storing scents and deo in the bathroom can also damage them. In the bathroom there is heat and humidity, both are slow killers for scents. You can keep them in there for an hour or so, for a day. But for the long term, try to keep the scents outside. You can only keep scents in there if the washroom is well ventilated and has a separate shower area.

Store Them In The Refrigerator:

The best way to save your perfumes from getting damaged due to heat is to put them in the refrigerator. A cold, dark, and dry environment are ideal for keeping your fragrant products. It helps in keeping the alcohol-essence concentration balance. If you have spent money on expensive online luxury perfumes, and want them to last long, this trick will help. You can also get small refrigerators designed for keeping perfumes, skincare, and makeup. These go a long way in adding life to your scents.

Always Place The Cap Back On:

No matter how busy you are or how late you are, never leave the perfume without the cap. Always put the cap back on the perfume. Leaving the cap off will expose your scent to air making it evaporate. This is a sheer waste of the expensive perfume. If you do not want that to happen, better close the lid of the cap.

Avoid Placing Them In Direct Sunlight:

This might not seem like to do any harm but placing perfumes in direct sunlight spoils the scent. It will affect the alcohol molecules and perfume. Your scent will evaporate fast with a reduced lasting. Moreover, with long-term exposure, it can start changing colour. Spraying such perfume can cause skin irritation as well.

Heat, humidity, air, and light, any kind of exposure can damage your perfumes. They can denature the molecules affecting the lasting of the scent. Apart from this, try to buy superior quality perfumes with Eau De Parfum or Eau de toilette quality. These can last longer than regular colognes and deodorants. Follow these simple tips if you wish to add life to your scent. For the ones who like to collect branded perfumes, storing them properly is quite essential. Do it and your perfume will smell like it did on the first day.

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