How To Start Blogging on Blogger And Hopefully Make Money

by Abdalla Saif Neo Online Business

How To Start Blogging on Blogger And Hopefully Make Money 

How To Start Blogging on Blogger And Hopefully Make Money

Hi, This Blog is About Life Hacks How To's, Tips And Tricks But I Thought that A Blog About Blogging can fit Right in. I Have Been Online Now For Along Time And Can Say That I Gathered Some Knowledge About Blogging In General And Making A blog On Google Blogger Platform Especially.

 Not Only Because It's Free And You Can Make A big Number of Blogs on Blogger.
But Mainly Because of its Good platform With A Great Ability In Indexing Your Blogs Or Links in Google Search With The Help Of Google Search Console.

And Not To Mention You Can Also Apply To Google Adsense From your blog At Blogspot And Hopefully Get paid Real Money From Showing Ads On Your

Aha, I Used To Say "if You Are A good Follower in Any Genere Category Or Sub Category An Art or Even a Writer You Can A Good Blogger To That Same Feild You're Following"
Yes, I'm A Big Supporter for Blogging And Spending Some Time To Explain Something To people.

You Can Make Internet Users Life easier By Simply Blogging And Writing Your Experience on A Subject That Read About Or Searched For Many Hours To Find.
For Example, if You Follow The Niche Of  Technology And You Have A good ideas To Review Certain applications Mobile Phones or Even PC Games And Programs.

I Assure You that In No More Than 6 Months Time You Could Have a lot of Flowers That have Genuine Interest of what You Have To Say.

Vlogging And Blogging. What's The Difference?

Video Blogging Has Become the New Hot Thing Years Ago. I'm Not Here To Argue That The Video is And For Most Better Than Written Word. But Here Me Out if You are Going To Make Youtube Video. Eventually, You Will Have To Write A Script For Your Episode Or Video Clip That's Where You Goin To Need Blogger it Has An amazing interface That You Can easily Edit Your Text Your Pics And Even Your Video. and Then You'll Have Not One Source For Views But two.

I'm Also Thinking To Make Videos And For This Blog, I'll certainly Make videos On Life Hack - How To - Tips and Tricks Cuz I Have A lot.

So How To Start Blogging on Blogger 

According to To:

Create a blog

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. On the left, click the Down arrow.
  3. Click New blog.
  4. Enter a name for your blog.
  5. Choose a blog address or URL.
  6. Choose a template.
  7. Click Create blog.
And We Can Call that Creat You Blog In 7 Steps.
Go blogger And #b_logger Don't Just Go Online To Check Some Status And spend Some Time looking To pictures. Leave A mark and Start Blogging today. Under Any Circumstances, You're Not Going To Lose Anything And Maybe You gonna Find A passion That Drives You To online Greatness.

What Happens After I Make My Blog On blogger Or Blogspot.

In the Now, Your Best Buddy Is The " New Post " this is your best friend in blogger. 
How To Start Blogging on Blogger And Hopefully Make Money
and for real If You Want To Achieve Greatness You Have To Work Hard.
Yeah, Click On that Orange button that says new post here.
And Start talking yeah its talking talk on your blog in your own way, Language and Style.
and people Will Come to Your Blog Because As they Say  " There Is Only One Of You "
and " You're Exceptional " and That Kind of pep Talk.


And What I'm Going To Write About in Blogger

Your Passion  That's The Secret
For Me, I had Many many ideas And Blog Before. Some Of Them Were Successful and A lot Were Not. 

But Here Some Tips And Tricks If You Want To Go All The Way To Make Money From Your Free Blog On 

1. You have To choose Good Name For Your Blog.
2. You Have To Choose one Target Subject For your blog.
3. You have To Continue Making New Blogs On Your Blog.
4. You Have To Wait And Learn From Your Blog.

Here Are Some Basic And Frequent Questions About 

"How To Start Blogging On Blogger" and Make money Obviously.

1. How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

and the Answer To That We told That placing Ads On Your Blog Makes Money For You Through
pay per click Or pay per View I Think When You Apply To Google Adsense And Get Approved.
your unique Content Creates A relevant Advertisements That Adsense place On You Page And When Some Visitor Click on the Ad You Get Some. And That's How it Works. 

2. How To Start Blog For Free?

Well, I'm Here To Talk About Blogspot The Free Blogging Service Powerd By Blogger And Google
It's Free And Easy And Guaranteed To Function.

3. How To Start Blog In Easy Steps?

We Covered That Already. All You Have To Do Is Think About the Subject that You are Goin To Write About And Start Writing New Post Every Now And then And Please Don't Stop Blogging 

write About Your Passion, your Heros, Or your Endeavors.

4. How Do Beginners Blogs Make Money?

By Being Genuine And Not Copy And Past Articles from the internet. And By providing The users With Value Information.

5. Does Blogging Really Pay?

Yes, It Does But under one Condition That You Will Do it For Fun. For providing people with Vital Info, Good Reviews, tips, And Tricks, or How To Make people Life Easier.

6.what Types Of Blog Make Money?

listen To Me " Your Kind of Blog is The Kind Of Blog That Makes Money"
but under the Conditions, We listed Above.

7. Where I Can Start My Free Blog?

Blogger.Com Its Easy Its Free And For the Most its The Best For individuals Blogs.
For You For Your Hoppy For Your Exercises And For Your Searches.
Enough Of That
In The End, I Have To Say This Was one of The Best Articles I had To Write And I Did With A Smile On The Face :)
Mainly Because I Think Some Day Someone is Going To Benefit From these Words.
Don't Over Think About Technical Stuff As We Said You Are Going To Learn Writing You Blog.

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