How to Spot someone faking a task in among us?

by Carl Smith Software Developer

The basic premises of the among us game is simple. You take the role of either a crewmate or an imposter. As a crewmate, your job is to complete given tasks while keeping a constant vigil for the imposters lurking amongst your team. His mission is to sabotage the work and kill you all. To come out as a winner you need to find out those imposters or be dead. But how to spot the jackal among sheeps? Remember this, “When everyone is looking the same, observation is your best bet to identify real from fake.” Let’s look at some of the ways, you could spot if someone is faking a task in among us.

How to spot someone is faking a task in among us?

If you look keenly, imposters always give away clues that will help you expose them. You have to look hard and in the right place. Let’s look at some of the strategies you could employ to easily identify friends from foes.

Force the imposter to reveal itself

Imposter can’t just be idle, remember they have to blend in. While they can’t complete any real task,  they are given a list of fake ones just to look like they are helping. You can use this to your advantage. If visual tasks are turned on, you can ask a crewmate to complete one. If he can’t do it, that’s a dead give away of an imposter.

A similar way is to use the swipe card. Crewmates usually share it before utilizing a swipe card. The one faking the task will not do this and can be easily spotted.

Utilize game tools

You can keep a check on your crewmates. Their behavior and movement could help you spot a fake. Again this comes to how good you are at observation and attention to detail. Among us provide tools, which you can use to track your crewmates. Security camera feeds and entrance logs could give you a lot of information. Utilize them and deduce who is not what he is pretending to.

Task itself is a giveaway

If you have been playing among us for a time you would have noticed different tasks have different time intervals to complete. Some can be completed in a single step while other takes longer and require multiple steps. Depending on this, a task can be classified as short or long. An imposter may not have any idea of how long the task will take and could walk away too soon. Thereby exposing himself.

Similarly, watch the progress bar. For each completed task progress bar moves further. But the fake task won’t budge the bar, another good way of spotting If someone is faking a task.


To be a winner as a crewmate in among us, throw trust out of the window. Anyone could be a fake, a deciever hiding in plain sight, bidding his time. One moment of vulnerability and you are gone. Think like an imposter. Beat them in their own game. Look in the right places, keep an eye on every action of your crewmates. Give full attention to even minute details and you will come out as a champion.

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