How to Solve the Most Common IT Problems

by Lizzie Howard Freelance Writer

Technological advancement has allowed tech companies to increase the production of devices to simplify people's lives. Previously, computers found applications in large organizations. Today, customers have access to technological devices, including laptops and Pcs. The travel restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for computer as more companies adopt a working from the home approach. People can experience different challenges while using the devices. Here are problems that you can experience while using IT devices and a suggestion of how to resolve the issues.

1. Computer Fails to Start

The failure of a computer to start up or the device keeps on shutting off is a common problem with most people. The problem mainly arises from insufficient power reaching the machine, and the problem could be at the power source or the computer power accessories. If you are working with a computer desktop, you should check the PC extension cord, power outlet, or PC power cable. You can exchange the power cable of the PC and that CPU to establish if the PC machine will turn on. You can also use the power supply of another device to test which power chord has issues.

2. Computer Operates Slowly

You could be experiencing a problem with slow computer performance, which arises due to varying factors. Firstly, the machine could have slowed down due to inadequate space in its hard drive. You can rectify the problem by checking the available free space in the hard drive. If the hard drive lacks sufficient free space, you can free up space by deleting the unwanted files to create more space. Secondly, you should check the RAM requirement when installing some software on your computers. Some software utilizes more RAM during their operation, causing the computer to slow down. You can mount another RAM to elevate the machine’s loading speed. When RAM and hard drive are not the cause of slow speed, you can diagnose the computer using the Microsoft System Configuration tool.

3. Strange Noises

Computer users could experience problems associated with the machine constantly periodically generating strange noises. The noises are a sign that the computer has challenges in executing its operations. The problem could be an indicator that the performance of the machine hard drive is about to collapse. Additionally, the strange noises may occur due to the failure of the computer fan tasked with pulling cooler air into the computer to aid in cooling the hot circuitry. Although it's easy to recognize the strange sounds on a computer, it's challenging for a typical machine user to establish the real cause of the problem. Exacerbating noises have the potential to cause damages and failure to other computer parts. It would help if you visited IT services San Francisco, who can diagnose the cause of the noises to prevent total collapses of your computer.

4. Frozen or Blue Screen

The computer at times experiences the challenge of a frozen or blue screen. When a computer screen freezes, it indicates that the device has corrupt or mission files, computer attack by malware, or insufficient RAM. The freezing of the computer screen prevents the user from performing any other operation. You can fix the problem by disconnecting the power source for a desktop PC, removing the battery for a laptop, or continuously pressing the power button until the machine restarts. The appearance of the blue screen could also indicate the same problems as those causing the freezing of the machine screen. However, you should pay attention to codes that appear on the screen to establish the actual cause of the problems. If the issue persists, you can install another Operating System.

The computer continues to find an application by many people, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, which has disrupted the working conditions. Most organizations have embraced the approach of working from home. Although the employees use the computers for various functions, most lack the skills to diagnose a problem. By understanding the cause of common IT problems, you could quickly diagnose and find the solutions for the issues.

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