How to Send Messages That Disappear Automatically

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MOST MYSTERY AND SPY MOVIES are built on the concept that you can send self-destructing communications, but you don't have to be an international secret agent to accomplish the same with your own texts.

In reality, most popular chat applications now have some sort of vanishing message function, which means you don't have to keep a permanent record of your conversation if you don't want to. Indeed, Signal, an encrypted messaging software, has made its vanishing message function the default.

While having conversation archives to look back on might be useful for emotional and practical reasons (recipes, addresses, directions, and so on), there are occasions when you'd rather nothing was preserved. Here's what you should do.

All of these apps come with the proviso that the people you're talking with can capture screenshots of what you're saying—or, if screenshots aren't allowed, can take a snapshot of the screen with another device. Some services promise to notify you if your conversations are screenshotted or downloaded, but there is always a workaround.

The disappearing messages feature in Signal is a discussion option that is presently available by default or via conversation: At any time, you may switch between disappearing and permanent messages in any thread. In any thread, tap the three dots (top right) and then choose Disappearing messages.

You have the option of retaining your messages for up to 4 weeks after they have been seen (or choose Off to disable the feature). You may also create a custom timing if you don't like any of the pre-selected ones—for example, you can instruct a message to disappear in 60 seconds. When you alter this option, an alert shows in the conversation, and whatever you send after that respects the restrictions you've established.

Open the main app settings page and choose Privacy and Default timer for new conversations to establish a default expiry time for messages in all your chats (under Disappearing messages). This applies to any future chats you start, not just the ones you already have on your phone.

For the time being, WhatsApp's disappearing messages function is limited to images and videos, not text. The receiver has 14 days to review whatever you've sent them, after which it vanishes.

Open the chat window for the person to whom you wish to send the photo or video clip, then click the camera icon at the bottom to capture your content. You'll notice a little icon with a 1 in a circle next to the green send symbol—tap this to make your communication a disappearing photo or video.

You can attach a caption with the photo or video, which will be deleted along with it. You won't see it from your end after you've submitted whatever it is: In the chat thread, you'll only see a Photo or Video entry with the little 1 icon next to it. Once viewed, the wording will change to Opened.

Snapchat did not originate vanishing messages, but it did make them popular. You may start a discussion with any contact from your main chat list page, or you can press the compose icon (top right) if the person you want to talk to isn't on screen.

Messenger on Facebook
Facebook Messenger is completely configured for vanishing messages, which may contain whatever that regular conversations do. These discussions, however, are saved separately—you cannot have normal messages and vanishing messages in the same thread.

To start a discussion, touch the compose button (top right), then activate the padlock toggle switch (top right again) to allow private chats and vanishing messages. After that, you may select the person or contacts with whom you wish to communicate.

Everything you say in one of these chats is erased as soon as it is viewed. If you want to give them more time, touch the timer icon to the left of the send box—messages can be kept for up to a day after they've been viewed if you want them to.

Instagram has expanded well beyond photo-sharing to include Snapchat-style stories, direct messaging, and other features. The direct messaging feature allows you to transmit images and videos that can remain on record or disappear after being seen, but text always remains in place.

In the Instagram app, go to your chat list, then open the thread to which you want to send the vanishing message (touch the compose symbol in the upper right if you can't see it). Capture the photo or video you wish to send by tapping the camera icon to the left of the compose box.

You'll then have many options for what you're sending at the bottom of the screen: View once, Allow replay (which actually means view twice), and Stay in the conversation. Choose whichever you like before clicking the Send button.

Telegram is also known for its disappearing messages. Secret chats are conversations that are kept apart from regular threads and can be started from a contact's profile.

To initiate a secret chat with a contact, hit their profile link at the top, then tap the three dots and choose Start Secret Chat from the options that display.

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