How to Send Faxes without a Fax Machine or Landline

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In earlier days, when the internet was not prevalent and the technology was not so advanced, the printed official communication was based on the fax machines and its system. In today’s world, there are still various companies and businesses that demand the data be transferred through Fax. The data sent on Fax is not deteriorated in quality, as we found in the transferring and editing of data over the internet and computer devices.

SOURCE:-How to Send Faxes without a Fax Machine or Landline

One can use their PC to send Fax files and documents by signing the document without scanning and printing. To fax the document through the PC, you need to sign your document first.

Here is how to send fax documents from your PC without telephonic wires and Fax machines:

Working of Fax Machine and its Benefits

  • Generally, the Fax machine uses telephone wires to transfer its data from one fax machine to another. For this task, it is connected to plain telephone wires.
  • After that, if you try to send Fax, then the fax machine places a call to the destination fax number.
  • Next, it gets the confirmation by the destination fax machine to receive the data.
  • Now, the data is transmitted to the destination fax machine.

Faxing the printed Document to Destination fax Machine

  • First and foremost, the person has to type the entire document that he wants to fax.
  • Then, the user has to take a print out of the respective document.
  • After that, the scanning process is required to put the document into the fax machine.
  • Once the document is properly scanned, it should be sent to the destination number through the help of telephonic cords.
  • When the fax document is successfully sent to the destination address, the receiver then needs the faxed document to scan on his device for getting the printed copy of the same. In this case, a completed circle is required to get the digital copy of the faxed document.

Note: If you wish to send Fax through your computer, then it is informed that the final Document will comes out with decreased image quality.

There is no direct and straight forward way to connect the Fax to your Internet directly as the fax machine needs a telephone connection for transmitting fits documents. Even if you wish to send Fax through your system online, then you can search for some gateway that accepts fax documents on the Internet. Several factories need to transfer their documents via Fax as it is a more secure and protected way instead of online sources. In case you are using phone lines, then you can easily send fax data from one device to another.

  • If you wish to send Fax through online mode with the help of your computer, then you can do so by these offered guidelines:

Faxing with Computer Device through Internet

  • In this case, first, you need to connect the telephone line to your computer i.e., you will be required to a dial-up fax modem.
  • Make sure that you have a table landline connectivity and tell your friends to turn the phone to “Off,” whom you wish to transfer fax data. It works just like your older dial-up internet era.

Note: For the faxing process, whether you are performing on your device or with a fax machine, you need to connect your system to a stable telephone line.

  • If you want to send multiple faxes to anybody or any organization, then it is recommended to purchase the modem or fax machine. Then connect it with the help of landline.

Scanning document or using Existing Digital Data

Abide by these instructions to scan the document that you want to send as Fax:

  • First and foremost, you have to scan your desired document. This process is just like sending a file via mail. In case you don’t have a scanner, then you may use your mobile phone for the same task.
  • Note: If the file is saved on any of the drive located inside the system, then you won’t need to scan the document again.
  • Once you have got the document that you wish to send as Fax, then use the reliable service for sending the same work.

 Free Online Faxing Services

There are numerous faxing services provided by various Fax providing companies. You may choose any of them as per your requirement or necessity. It based on the preference that you select:

Using RingCentral Faxing Tool

This is one of the best tools works online on various platforms with PC. It is used to work for an individual or an organization. It is specially made to fax sensitive data from one device to another. Cisco develops this tool and AT &T, and it holds various security features that support multiple user accounts.

It provides encryption to your data and enhanced security for transmitting the data. Apart from these features, users can access various Google based services such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and MS Outlook.  Even one can avail of the benefit of the toll-free number provided by this tool.

Note: If you wish to send only a few of the faxes to your desired fax number, then you should sign in with one of the cheapest subscription plans and remove it after your work.

In case you wish to send occasional faxes to anyone, then you can use MYFax, an online faxing tool that enables the user to send 100 dynamic faxes, which is more than any other application or tool. One can upgrade the plan to enhance the services for the same process.

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