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 Request A State Copy Of Your W-2. In the event that your manager retained state charges from your wages, you may probably get a copy W-2 from your state income organization. Do you want to fetch or print very old year W2 but unable to do then connect to Sage Support Number to know how to proceed.  The expense of a copy W-2 from the state may be not as much as requesting a duplicate of your whole assessment form from the IRS. There might be disadvantages, nonetheless. For example, copy W-2s from the California State Controller's Office are accessible for just up to the most recent four years. How To Retrieve W-2 Forms From A Previous Tax Year. The Internal Revenue Service site says that you should keep duplicates of your government forms, including W-2 connections, for at any rate three years in the wake of documenting. These reports prove to be useful if the Internal Revenue Service chooses to review your arrival or in the event that you ever need to show confirmation of salary. In the event that you are feeling the loss of a W-2 from an earlier assessment year and need to get earlier year W2 duplicates, you have a few different ways to recover it.

How Do I Reprint W-2's Or W-3's?


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  1. How would I reproduce W-2s or W-3s for the present year? 


  1. In Payroll pick Tasks, Federal eFile and Reporting. 
  2. Whenever provoked, select Saved Reports and snap Next. 
  3. Select your Federal ID and snap Open. 
  4. Select the W-2/W-3 rushed to republish and snap Edit. 
  5. Select Reprint Completed W-2s and snap Next. 
  6. Note: You can just reproduce structures that have a finished status. In the event that the structures you should be reproduced don't demonstrate a finished status, select eFile or Print Incomplete W-2s. 
  7. In the Reprint choices area, select the duplicates to reproduce. 
  8. Choosing Employee Copies will enable you to republish duplicates for your workers (eg W2). 
  9. Choosing Federal Copies will enable you to reproduce the government duplicates (eg W3). This will likewise empower you to choose Which sort of duplicate would you like to republish? 
  10. Unique Copies can be utilized to record charges with the legislature. 
  11. Record Copies will have "Record duplicate: Do Not File" watermark on them. 
  12. Choosing State Copies will enable you to reproduce the state duplicates. This will likewise empower you to choose Which sort of duplicate would you like to republish? 
  13. Unique Copies can be utilized to document charges with the legislature. 
  14. Record Copies will have "Record duplicate: Do Not File" watermark on them. 
  15. Choosing Employer Copies will enable you to reproduce duplicates for inside use. 
  16. When you have made your determinations, click Next. 
  17. Note: The subtleties showed and printed for quite a long time before the earlier year will be on the structure marked as the earlier year. For instance: choosing 2016 or prior year W2s to reproduce during the present year of 2018 will be shown on earlier year's 2017 W2 structure. An improvement has been entered to permit republishing earlier year structure subtleties on the proper structure. 
  18. The Reprint Employee Options window gives you the choice to republish for all representatives or a select gathering of workers. 
  19. All Employees enables you to republish the W-2s for all workers. 
  20. Chosen Employees enables you to channel and sort on representative data and afterward select those individual workers. 
  21. Representative directions just will print out the worker guidelines as it were. 
  22. When you have made your determinations, click Next. 
  23. The structure watcher window opens enabling you to reproduce. 
  24. Note: Reprints won't refresh your last activity yet will appear in your View All Completed Actions. 
  25. To reproduce your W-3 structure, you would republish your Federal W-2 structures.

W2 Sage  

Contact Your EmployerIn the event that your boss is still in business, contact your finance division for a duplicate of your W-2. A few businesses have a self-administration choice for present and previous representatives to print W-2s on the web. Government law says that businesses must keep duplicates of representative W-2s for at any rate four years, however your manager may keep them for a more extended time. Your manager or finance specialist organization may charge an expense to issue substitution W-2s. 

How Can I Reprint A W2 For Prior Year From With In Sage 100 ?

  • Clients of Sage 100 Payroll may every so often need to reproduce a W-2 structure to supplant one that has been lost by a worker. 
  • So as to republish the W-2 you ought to go to your Sage 100 Payroll, select the Period End menu, select Federal E-Filing and Reporting. 
  • Look down the rundown of structures until you discover "W-2 History". Utilize this choice to republish W2 structures from history. 
  • Note: You ought to guarantee that your Sage 100 Payroll module has the E-Filing history maintenance set to the most elevated number of years (99) in the finance arrangement alternative. 
Is There A Way To Reprint  W-2 From Prior Year?


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  1. Republishing W-2 from an earlier year


Note: Once a structures update with another W-2 has been run, you should contact the Social Security Administration so as to submit earlier year W-2s. 

So as to reproduce earlier year W-2s with a Record Copy watermark

  1. Select Reports and Forms, Forms, Tax Forms. 
  2. Double tap on Payroll Tax Forms to open the finance tax document selector. 
  3. Snap Existing Form at that point click OK. 
  4. Select the ideal W-2 to reproduce, at that point click the Edit catch. 
  5. Pursue the prompts to republish finished W-2s. 

Note: If you don't see your tax document in Existing Forms, or in the event that you can't republish it, re-run the W-2/W-3 wizard for the proper expense year. In the event that you can't see the proper expense year change the bookkeeping time frame to before the e-record w2-w3 due date. Reproduced W-2's from earlier years may print utilizing the present W-2/W-3 structure, yet will show information from the chose structure initially handled. 

How To Fix Reprint W2 Sage 

Reprint W-2 Problem. At last, we'll process the W-2 structures. From Reports and Forms, select Forms, Tax Forms. In the Forms list, double tap Payroll Tax Forms. Pick Federal, and look through the Available Forms rundown to the 2014 W-2/W-3. In the Select documenting period area, select 2014 for the year, at that point click OK. The W-2 Setup Wizard will check that your organization data, for example, government EIN, organization name and address is right, you can enter or change any of this data as required.  While performing Reprinting of correct W2 form any kind of technical problem, dial Sage Error Support Phone NumberThe wizard likewise enables you to complete a test drive, to turn out to be progressively acquainted with the procedure without really sparing any information. This is a discretionary advance and it isn't required to process the W-2 structures. Beginning toward the finish of February, you may call the IRS's assigned without toll number to arrange a duplicate of W2 structures petitioned for you. Reprint 2019 W2The IRS will contact your past manager via mail for your sake to get a duplicate of the structure. Prior to calling, you'll need your contact data, including your government managed savings number, and the contact data for your manager. In particular, you'll need the dates you worked for the business and a gauge of your profit. You'll likewise need a thought of the government personal expense that was retained from your income. In the event that you take a gander at your last pay stub for that business, you ought to have the option to discover this data recorded. You can contact your manager's finance division or utilize its online representative self-administration entrance to get a duplicate of your W-2. Different alternatives incorporate reaching the IRS to get duplicates of your expense forms or duty transcripts and checking if your state offers a duplicate of your W-2.

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